Family Success

Happy children of a prosperous couple.

Private Get together of the Wealthy?

George Grosz, “Five o’clock tea”

When wealthy are wealthy enough they use their wealth to make more wealth, but not wealthy enough look for wealthy enough as benefactors.

Close But Professional Friends

While pimp is searching the horizon his protégé feels self-confident…

The couple’s relative prosperity has created sentimental attachment to extra-clothing in the wife.

Pappi und Mammi

George Grosz, “Pappi und Mammi”, 1921-22

Father is old and tired but the mother is full of life

Sexual and/or alcoholic stimulation

George Grosz, “Orgy”

Sexual function can prolong life like alcoholic beverages, but…

The failure of success

Success which has disappeared from the life of a successful prostitute makes her desperate and her pimp suspicious.

Preparation For Big Success

George Grosz, “Mensch ist Gut” – Serious preparation for business1

Serious preparation for business2

Ask For the Billionaire

Billionaire demands lowering the cost of his business and taxes by threatening to relocate to another State or country with cheap labor