Sigmund Freud (1856 – 1939) and Lucien Freud (1922 – 2011)

Reading Freud in the late 50s was like a drug on track and then to fell from the Freudian mountain with the help of American and European thinkers (of mostly through French and German translation in English) was a sweet sweat ordeal. But Freud is Freud as Heidegger is Heidegger, Foucault is Foucault, Sartre is Sartre, Deleuze is Deleuze, Derrida is Derrida, etc. But, of course, there are the film directors and films and rare individuals with cinematic talents and with admiration for them… there is no place or time for traveling, for working, for everyday thinking, no place for hating and fighting and for despairing…

Sigmund Freud on outdoor photo is rather not looking straight at the sun. He is rather looking – at his own thought processes, at ideas which are permanently changing. That’s, probably how Sigmund Freud was building his thoughtfulness from his early curiosity. He wasn’t just thinking – he could permanently resist his patients who tried to hide their real nucleus and mask their virtuoso id. In other words, Sigmund Freud skillfully fought with himself and not just with the resistance of his patients. How many people with the help of Freud’s psychoanalysis were able to outgrow their pseudo and false ideas about themselves! As today more than any other time we are exposed to come to commercial and political lies which can only partially explain their medical or psychological particularities.

Political lies in our country – masked, covered and prosperous under the psychological and political rational which is in itself a sophisticated financial cover for the destruction of democracy and democratic people. The rich are fighting democracy by using the under educated and the illiterate as ideal recruits for destroying the democracy and democratic institutions. Fascists hate democrats for their education and fascist leadership will always feed their people to exploit their aggressiveness. Freud his whole life tried to equip/prepare people to see and understand the psychological and moral truth – the political reality behind being manipulated. But it’s very difficult to overplay fascist manipulations, because it’s is based on belief and financial fakery. To understand psychological and democratic truth it’ is necessary to study but fascists are right there to quickly replace truth with profit and money.

Lucien Freud’ in comparison with his grandfather tends to prefer more naturalistic truth. He is undoubtedly not without talent and he’s art is much more interesting in depiction of groups of people inside the interiors – meaning human mutuality instead of representing them as individuals with their own decisions. We’ll return to Lucian Freud’s interiors which are important topics of his paintings.

Sigmund Freud was to make human beings resist the cultural ideologies of power for gentle teaching human beings, while Lucien‘s art emphasizes the depressed condition of the common people. Both are humanistic-ally oriented but the psychoanalyst is trying to heal psychic illness while the artist/painter depicts the factual human grief (or factual naturalism) of human body. In other words, the doctor of medicine cures the patients, while the artist depicts the mental human condition – not pathological but factual, not as extraordinary but a burdensome reality. Both masters are dedicated to human beings and their condition, one with cure (Freud) and the other with applied compassion (Lucien) with a human loving touch.