Hollywoodized Imagination Is Incompatible with Sober Assessment of the Political Situation

It is not Obama who “is not able or is unwilling to fight for people’s interests”, it is people (including some lofty leftists) who are not capable of sober assessment of what kind of a country they live in and how strong corporate rich are in US of 21st century. To think that a newly elected President will be capable of subduing the wealthy minority and to “stop wars and corporate crimes” is as absurd as to watch/enjoy a “Superman” movie. No, people have deeply misunderstood the historical opportunity of an Obama election. They misread the language of Obama’s campaign promises – they took them as if they are words of Archangel. They assumed that their job is all done by their participation in the noble and celebrative ritual of democratic elections. They thought that they are something like the employers of the American Presidents, and that as soon as the elections are over they are entitled to relax with a beer and triumphantly watch on TV screens the show of coming political transformations. They implied that the American global corporations and the wealthy one and half percent of the population are characters from the entertaining movie and that Barack-James Bond will now enact his role as a super-action hero.

But in today’s political situation in US when conservatives directly attack people’s democratic rights using menu of money and licensed lies (liepaganda) as missiles and bombs, a Democratic President, if left without the active and tireless support of a large body of the population, cannot achieve anything because he is facing the crushing power of a financial establishment (supported by the majority of Justices of the Supreme Court) with its incredible prestige in the eyes of many poor Americans (who worship the glamour and glory of possessing wealth). Disoriented by this dream about being rich as wealthy and wealthy as rich, the masses have a delirious picture of what is possible and what is impossible in American politics. On the one hand they don’t want to become paupers, but on the other they, against their will, admire those who try to make them paupers in order to enrich themselves even more at their expense.

It is not that Obama is not progressive enough – he just tries to prevent chaos as a result of extremist panicky actions on the part of the wealthy. The problem is that the people who elected him are not politically active enough. They are only “radical” in an imaginary sense – in their picture of what Obama is supposed to do for them with his wings and the magic of a gracious angel. Their very idea that their job is done once they voted him into office – is outrageously utopian. With an Obama presidency their work had to start, not to end. They misunderstood what Obama was offering to them. He meant that if people will actively – activistically demand reforms, if they will go to the streets by the millions, if they will be willing to go on general strike, then he could have enough backing to press the right-wing top of the social hierarchy and achieve what most Americans need. But people are not capable of acting in real circumstances – they prefer to indulge in smirking adolescent criticism of a Democratic leader. The decisive blow to Obama and to people’s dreams was, of course, the Nov. 2010 elections when people to sentimentally revenge Obama for not being “pro-demos” enough elected right-wing fundamentalists to the House of Representatives and to State governments. Only now they are learning what they have done by getting a deserved lesson for their inability to think politically in realistic terms. After the midterm elections the political situation has drastically changed – it became much more difficult for Obama and much worse for people who shot themselves in the foot.

Obama could be much more potent in resisting the right-wing slanders if people could be much more politically organized. But against their best interests the masses are too addicted to entertainment and consumerism which make people megalomaniacally self-centered and with a utopian consciousness of their “greatness”. Instead vigilantly protesting against the corporate agenda and by this providing Obama with a trump card, they are righteously sulking that he is not “delivering” what they want. The political fight with right-wing rich and with Christian fundamentalists (like that pastor in Florida – the double of the Moslem fanatics) is not a task for one person. What the childish masses expect Obama to do? – To sacrifice himself like Christ? – To become another martyr like Dr. King? All the Obama’s promises had to be addressed via democratic and non-violent forms of mass political activism.

The majority of Americans can blame only themselves for Obama not being “anti-corporate and anti-Republican enough”, for trying to do what’s possible without a peaceful mass movement for farther humanistic reforms and against the neo-conservative anti-people agenda. It is time to reconsider our childish behavior in politics and to rethink our imaginary superstitions about American political realities. It is time to put aside Hollywood and video-game logic and become adults.