According to a 2015 statistics – The top one percent of earners in US earned as much as the bottom 99%. Frances Moore Lappe, Jan. 29, 2019

*Stalin hardliners were the ideologically dogmatic and violent officials within the Soviet government of the 30s – 50s. These severe extremists together with the right-wing Communists amidst the Soviet population were psychologically conservatives – intolerant towards the slightest versatility of political opinions and the desire for progressive changes in people’s way of life**.

**Soviet left conservatives (ideologically pro-Communism, not only pro-Socialism) can be compared to the politically right functionaries in the democracies. Like right-wing Communists in Soviet Union fought for Socialism in an anti-socialist – despotic and belligerent way, right-wing American “defenders” of democracy “promote” it in an anti-democratic way and by this hurting and distorting it. This morbid incompatibility between the proclaimed ideology and psychological proclivities of its carriers is a contradiction in essence – split between what people claim to believe (usually humanely looking ideological facade) and their behavior in defending and promoting their ideology (usually people’s private interests contradicting ideological construct).

Today, in 21st century many Americans started to notice, some with shock this split between good looking and shining ideology and totalitarian behavior claiming to support it. Messianic megalomania of Soviet ideology of Communism is transformed in US into American megalomaniacal exceptionalism. American democracy became financial totalitarianism (like Soviet Union always was in essence a typical ideological totalitarianism). Despotic ideological behavior of American ultra-conservative politicians less and less ambiguously started to demand from the population to serve the accumulation of the private wealth and protect its growing profits in wars (as despotism of the Soviet Communist ideology transformed the Soviet masses into “heroic” “builders of Communism”). Stalin or Brezhnev were as alien to regular people and their opinions (locked in private life), as today’s Bull Gutts or Lord Bankfein to most Americans. Today’s Trump style of governing is as dogmatic and despotic as the Communist government was in the Soviet Union.

Of course, American political propaganda is much more versatile and effective than the Soviet propaganda ever was – technological machinery of propaganda (seductive advertisements, consumerist consolation and entertaining gimmicks) is impressive achievement of the American industries which provide incredible profit for its creators, craftsmen and investors. But all these creations are oriented on distracting people from thinking about life in its facticity and potentials, the world and its mysteries and from spiritual development, as belief in Communism was a distraction from the present life and reality. Under American commercial culture of neo-conservative leadership life of regular people is more entertaining and sweetened than life was in USSR, but the lies, misinformation and fake emotional ties between the leaders and the masses have a similar disorienting and dumbing effect, like drug addiction and alcoholic poisoning. Communist totalitarianism, although much more primitive and crude than the American financial totalitarianism of the shared (totalitarian) dedication to the ideology of money/profit and common dream about becoming billionaires or at least millionaires, is in essence a very similar political system where the whole population wants – super-happiness and super-prosperity without moral and spiritual complications, without importance of decency and sensitivity and humanistic education (without which all previous additions are unavailable). In both cases (Soviet Russia and democratic US) we have ideology of one ideal for all, the same dream for every citizen. Instead of Marxist anti-capitalist dogma the American conservative leadership and its propagandists use anti-Marxist anti-Socialist dogma with the same absolutism and propagandist zeal.

We have to learn and rapidly how to differentiate between the content of ideas and beliefs and behavioral manner of representing them to the people. Ideas can be numerous – it’s how they’re communicated tells us about the difference between democracy and a totalitarian system. If something is represented in absolutist way, dogmatically and intolerantly towards disagreements and criticism – we have a totalitarian communication. People permanently defending their dogmas are prone to suspect others in being against them and then are prone to attack them as opportunists and anti-patriots – here we recognize the American neocons of the 21st century.

Ruling or the just fanatic Soviet Communists and American conservative politicians both tend to accuse those who disagree with them in disloyalty to what is beyond criticism, like “Communism” or “free market” (meaning a market free of fair competition – not for everybody but for the American monopolies able to crush their opponents instead of honestly competing with them). Like in USSR any criticism of the system was viewed as a form of treason, for American neocons the democratic politicians are the enemies of their country and don’t deserve to be in the government. We can see a curious similarity between the left-wing conservatives in USSR and the financial totalitarian conservatives in US today.

Self-aggrandizement and a lack of humanistic education are going together. Emotional reasoning, intolerance to criticism, reducing the problems to personalities and carrying hate as goal in itself looking for targets are just some of the features which belong to the same psychological kitchen as Stalin’s mass arrests. Those who are seeking direct power (Soviet Communists) or power through wealth (the wealthy or dreaming to become wealthy) have strong totalitarian psychological features and behavioral tendencies. Totalitarianism is a combination of despotic authority and proclivity for unconditional obedience to it. This combination of sadism of leaders and the self-sacrificial masochism of the masses is very unlucky for the destiny of humankind – this unity between an erected self-aggrandizement and shy melting in front of the master, between phallus and fleece.