Successes and Failures of Liberal Politicians and Intellectuals as the Beast-Tamers

The beast of conservatism (BC) can be quiet for a long time. Its predatoriness is balanced by routine and by digestion. Conservatism is of a phlegmatic temperament by definition, but it is strong, stubborn and with dangerous episodes of fierce maniacal agitation. It feels it is in the center of the world, although not without reason – beasts were created before human beings. Conservatism never makes the attempt to adapt, to negotiate, to regroup, to pacify, to try again, to invent new approaches, look for new agreements and arguments – all of this kind of attempts must be on the liberal side. BC is of a dinosaur breed. It’s made of one monolith blob of stony flesh.

The earthy cage belongs to the conservatives. Liberals are just “guests” here. And they better behave like polite guests, or else. The liberal strategy of survival in the cage is, first of all, to create the impression that there is no such thing as a strategy of survival in the cage because such a strategy is not needed – the beast is not beast at all but the loveliest creature that has ever existed. In response to liberal compliments the conservative beast sometimes smiles and in these moments it, indeed, looks almost human. But the smiles of the beasts are just fleeting moments. Beasts are tough and cruel. The beast of conservatism likes to enslave, to exploit, and to keep people in poverty and dependency. It likes to invade other countries, to squeeze the juices and energies of their native populations. They like to be admired, bowed in front of, and met with gifts and virgins. And they are infuriated when it is not the case. And then everybody gets kicks including those who are grazing near by, like liberals.

In a more elaborated form the liberal strategy is the following – “We cannot make the conservative beast kinder/gentler than what it is, after all a beast is a beast, but we can try to complicate and by this modify the picture of what the beast is, to transform the beast’s identity into an embellishing narration. Then we’ll try to influence the beast through this our flattering narrative, to impress it with our complementary metaphors. In other words, we’ll add on to the beast’s realistic depiction features that, on the one side, can justify/redeem the badness and rudeness of the beast (like, for example, a hint that without beastliness moral ideals in this world are impossible to achieve), but on the other side, new features might start to influence the beast in the direction of a better behavior. We will create the impression that beast’s factual beastliness is okay as soon as there is a chance that the beast can become less beastly in the future. Eventually, this potential for the moral improvement of the beast can hopefully change the beast into a semi-beast, then into one-third-of-a-beast, then one-quarter, one fifth, etc. One day we will have the most decorative beast in the history of mankind.

Liberals thought hard about what narration to deploy and they invented democracy. They believed that while on the one hand the torch of democracy over the world will cover up for the conservative beast’s predatory expansionism and cruelty, but that on the other hand, the exceptional ideal of Democracy will start to hypnotize the beast into a kind of blissful relaxation, and then the beast will get a taste for becoming more humane under the influence of democratic sparkling ideals.

The American liberal democrats (ALDs) proudly introduced into the world the American democratic ideas. The more successful the radiant image of American democracy was in the world’s public opinion the more ALDs were gaining respect and status in their own country. The beast under the democratic garments didn’t change heart and its paws didn’t become less grabbing and ripping off, but ALDs were born as a massive social presence and as a peculiar brand of political style. Beast is still the master of the cage, but the liberals were able to advance their comforts inside the cage.

The appearance of SRussian (Soviet Russian) communism reinforced the beastliness of the American conservative beast but it also created a new strategic opportunities for the successes of American liberals (the new tasks create the chance for new achievements). The beast who is prone for furious outbursts when opposed perceived the existence of the Communist beast as the ultimate challenge. It became infuriated by its match and was ready to go so far as to sacrifice life and lose the cage in the apocalyptic battle with its rival and kin. It was ready to blast the Earth not to let an alternative beast be the winner of the Earth as the beast-land. Thank god, the American liberals were there to prevent the planet from being destroyed in this monumental clash between two rivaling beasts – American conservative with a democratic tail and SRussian conservative with a communist tail. ALDs persuaded their own beast to relax and eat more dishes of luxury. The American liberals had to for a while work very hard with the two beasts from different sides simultaneously (as the beast tamers).

Liberals invented Democracy a second time around but this time even in a more materialistic (more appealing to the masses) terms (consumption of material goods), and, simultaneously, in a more idealistic (again more appealing to the masses) terms (consumption of masscult images including cheaper political propaganda than before). With sweat on their foreheads they invented processed prosperity for the poor. How else could you defeat the Communist propaganda? How else could you pull the American masses away from the communist Promised Land of total prosperity, total brotherhood and total happiness?

Through creating a new idealism of qualitative equality and new materialism of well buying well being liberals saved their beast once again but simultaneously they saved themselves. By funding mass education, investing into a middle class, by encouraging civil right movement and stimulating democratic tolerance towards “pluralistic” dissimilarity of life styles, liberals outplayed the crude Soviet propaganda and advanced American democracy even more in the eyes of international and internal (intra-American) public opinion. It became an unconditional model, model-medal for almost all the countries on the planet.

Liberal triumph over the beast of Communism (BC) worked for the American conservative beast as a new nurturing power. The American beast of conservatism (BC) again started to feel confident. It started to warm up. It started to produce its characteristic smells and sounds. It started to transform democracy back into plutocracy/beastocracy. It gained the right to fire the American workers on a giant scale for the sake of hiring foreign labor for a pittance. It transformed civil rights into the right to torture and to have unlimited surveillance over Americans. It transformed democratic rationality into the right to invade any country with fabricated reasons, and it transformed American young people oriented on justice into Bushmericans who are ready to murder for a military salary with innocent gullibility of their hearts of believers and their minds clean from humanistic education. The beast reclaimed his status of the absolute boss over the world and life. Now it doesn’t need any longer to justify its aggressive actions even with fabricated logic. Its actions became emphatically and proudly voluntaristic. BC started to demand from the democrats and intellectuals to walk on tiptoes and to dance “en pointe”.

The Liberals, the dethroned tamers, responded with a Clintonian humility, with muteness in public and polite lobby whisperings. They always thought that it is not productive to over-excite the beast with vocal disagreements and that it is much more effective to try to pacify the beast with non-resistance and maintaining a low profile. They are the artists of self-elimination and mimicry, masters of postponement and suspension of democracy in order not to provoke the conservative beast to behave even more irrationally destructive than it already does.

What else can you do when you are locked with a conservative beast in the same earthy cage and have a delicate soul and at the same time are under the necessity to survive on the leftover crumbs from the beast’s meals?