Human Health as a Wasteland – it is Bad for Economy

Like for the pharmaceutical companies human health is like a terrorist attacking their profits, like for the American private armies (for example, Blackwater, inc.) and Military Department the enemy is a real gift – the chance to wave the flag and mobilize the furious crowds while meticulously cleaning the pockets of the American taxpayers: the official and private militaries took much more than a trillion dollars for their crude and ineffective job (this could never happen without the 9/11 pretext) – human illness is a natural treasure that provides the insurance companies with perfidious profits.

The enemy can very easily become something like a “negative ally” of the state that becomes richer and stronger if it gets an enemy to fight with (the excuse to multiply the military spending by using taxpayers’ money). With the help of Bin Laden and Co., liberal laws and ritualistic mediations between the American people and the military-industrial complex were put aside with several de-democratizing (totalitarian by inspiration) executive measures and with prop of propaganda.

Under the banner of “protecting American lives” liberties of Americans started to disappear, like freedom in Russia after the October revolution or like freedom in Germany after Hitler’s rise to power. Conservative leaders who always hated democratic freedoms as undermining the power of Corporate government (that they identify with the power of USA as a country) to suck to the sack the world’s natural resources, to define the economic development and political identity of other countries, to bribe the elites of those countries to make them to follow the global master, and to make decisions concerning the present and future of U.S. without consulting with the American people have got, after 9/11, the pretext not only to intensify the globalist expansion, but the self-appointed right, instead of punishing those who attacked us, go to a country that had nothing to do with 9/11attack. The war with Iraq is lost from the perspective of the American people, but Bushney won it in the very moments of killing Saddam’s sons and Saddam’s own execution. American people have lost the war that Chenefeld won.

The very existence of illness in American bodies and souls is not just a great help to the insurance companies – it is their great luck. It is their food, their honey, their chlorophyll, their blood stream. To allow Obama’s health-care innovation (putting the human being and human health ahead of profits) be realized would mean for the insurance companies to lose their habitat of feeding on human illness. Who can voluntarily agree to lose the habitat?