Idolatry of money-dollar (IMD) for corp-servative person (servant of corporation) is the same as Christian ideologist for Church-servative as the servant of God. And it is basically the same as idolatry of a political system (IPS) for flag-servatives (idolatrous admirers of flag). Different kinds of conservatives represent various aspects of idolatry.

Conservative psyche rates metaphors as something more important than what metaphors defines. Conservative psyche is a psychological “instrument” that cannot differentiate between metaphor and the reason metaphor is used. Idolatry adept sacrifices to its idol – that’s what conservative psyche is all about.

Conservatives perceive figurative speech as the American flat-earthers perceive helio-centrism. Connotation relativizes. It is cheating you of semantic gravitation. It transforms what is said into the meaning of what is stated. The conservatives (literalists) perceive metaphoric transformation of denotative statement as a betrayal of what is said, as deception and a devilish trick. For them those who talk with meaning are committing treasonous crime. Fundamentalist-literalist uses signifier to neutralize the otherness of reality, as for a beginner of chess the game is all about capturing the opponent’s pieces. For conservatives the connotation is dangerous – it disrupts reality, it wounds it. For them meaning is a shadow, a ghost, a specter with sharp fangs, a spook pretending it’s more important than reality. It’s a subjective revolt against normal order of things. The conservative solution is to ban connotation, to transform language into slogans and orders.

In mass culture the role of the commanders are played by tautological plots and images. Here, the Presidential elections are a competition between denotation and connotation for and in the Mass-American minds. It can only be a choice between the attractiveness of a reassuring tautology and the non-identity of plot/image and meaning. The more Americans are trained by mass-culture the more addicted they are to the meaninglessness of denotation – our greatness in comparison with others, our right to have pleasures by any price. And it is our right to exploit others. Today, instead of connotations exists the authority of God, the political leader and dogma or glamourous super-stars and consumer goods.

Tautologization of education is an important indicator of totalitarization of society and culture. It has several aspects – weakening the role of humanistic education, separating technical education from the analysis of the existential context of the functioning of Technology (from analysis of the problems of the technical innovations, and flattening of technico-scientific research by exclusively applied tasks – marginalizing and reducing the “purely theoretical” research). Students have to learn how to calculate profit (!) and analyze different aspects of nature and how to operate technological instruments, etc. Any interest towards holistic intellectual approach is not financed and by this discouraged. For example when people are faced with health problems they are oriented on fixing them by fragmentary fixes, without addressing the context and etiology of the problems.

The baby’s irrational under-ego “fears” of being abandoned without hope, being shattered into pieces or disappearing without a trace – Melanie Klein and later Frances Tustin among others have catalogued and explained the universal fears of babies and little children which are very relevant feelings for the understanding of psyche of adult conservatives. They are these small children at the core of the being of the traumatized adult neurotic or even psychotic. As a result of specific reasons connected with the conditions of early infancy, babyhood with burdens of early childhood they never had a chance to outgrow the agonies of their infantile experiences. Extensive research in psychology of conservative families should shed some light on the seriousness of the problems. The analysis of existential culture leaves people at the mercy of their past, in the grip of their childhood. Addiction to denotation made traumatized people to be fixated on infantile models of behavior.

It is from here, it seems, come the people who are obsessed, for example, with “election theft” and unfounded “voter fraud”, or that “blacks are ready to swallow the white race”, or “minorities”, and “foreigners” “swallowing the Whites”, and that criminals instead of being punished for their crimes get light sentences or are put on “probation”, or people who (“detected” the “crime of stealing or people who believe “ that ballots in Presidential elections were stolen” while the results were scrupulously counted, analyzed and certified by the Attorney Generals of every State, and still those who are digging up “overwhelmingly big truths about everything” by the tireless and “heroic” efforts of their dedication, etc., etc.