How Conservative Forces In US Are Trying To Get Rid Of American Democracy

Between 1979 and 2007 the ratio of the wages and salaries of the top 1% to those of the bottom 90% more than double – from 9.7-to-1 ratio in 1979 to 20-to-1at the end of that period. When investment income is added to wage and salary income, the economic gulf between the elites and the vast majority becomes even greater and increases even more quickly than the wage gap alone. Over the same 1979-to-2007 period the ratio of total income of the top 1% to that of the bottom 90% tripled from 14-to-1to 42-to-1.
John Miller, “Inequality and Our Economic Problems”, “Real World Economics”, Nov – Dec 2013

The notion of the “Other” inevitably implies a hierarchy. To be “Other” is to be considered less than the male and less than the individual… The “Other” is viewed as marginal, a sideshow in the grand narrative of world history.
Eleanor Heartney, “Postmodernism”, Cambridge U. Pr., 2007

Democratic sensibility is not a very lucky “organism”. Democrats are psychologically unable to protect democracy – they cannot explain to the people the totalitarian, psychologically Stalinist posture of the neocons in the 21st century (that what Stalin and Soviet Communist Party felt for the Russian people around 1937 – demanded from them sacrifices and more sacrifices, the neocons with their austerity agenda for the majority, for children, elderly and sick, feel for Americans today). Democrats have been checkmated by the omnipresence of money in the political process – they are afraid to lose the money of the wealthy pockets supporting political campaigns (whether for election or re-election) and then to lose their lucrative jobs of politicians. Why they are not defeating the very presence of money in politics? – Because you need a lot of money to be able to defeat the very presence of money in politics. So, democracy is defeated before it can defend itself. Democratic politicians need good jobs to “survive”. Can democracy survive while democrats cannot fight for democracy?

Democracy has an unlucky destiny because it is oriented on providing people with rights (like free speech), and many people use this bonus to speak and act against democracy. Because the big chunk of the population is not educated enough to understand the complicated “mechanism” of modern democracy, their intuition works along the behavioral lines which contradict the democratic orientation on a common prosperity. The organic conservatism of their souls has its roots in pre-democratic historical traditions, and they act, feel and vote against the democratic perspective of societal development. These people are doomed to be against the humanism of democracy. They, who belong to the majority, are against democratic/humanistic treatment of the majority. They are enemies of democracy from within the democracy. Those who especially need democracy are doomed to fight against the democratic spirit of democracy. Why such a people exist in democracy? – Because democracy is still a toddler. Democracy is an exception, it contradicts the human psychological and historical instincts and reflexes. The combination of authoritarianism and conformism is a dominant duet in the musical piece of human history.

How, for example, workers without the right to participate in defining the conditions of their labor (as members of the union) can accept this situation? Among the reasons is the fact that they have psychological compensations for being treated not as equals to their employers, for being not as much human beings as their bosses are. The main psychological compensation for being humiliated in such way is – imaginary identification with masters. Factually, in the real world, a worker without equality with the master is in a weak and subdued position. But here the psychological phenomenon of belief is activated in worker’s psyches. Humiliated people, in order to help themselves psychologically survive – transform their natural indignation towards their employers into teary admiration for them. They become passionate defenders of their bosses and the wealthy people in general. By identifying with the power of their leader-bosses, the poor suddenly become transformed in their self-feeling from the humiliated “slaves” that they objectively are into their powerful/wealthy masters. By thinking like their masters, by taking their bosses’ side, they, as if, become them. They feel themselves as masters. By perceiving the world like their masters they, as if, become their own employers! They, as if, solve the inhumanity of their lot through getting the imaginary compensation for having been reduced to worthless nobodies in their working place. It’s this psychological trick/hoax that transforms the desperate poor into fanatic defenders of their rich leaders. That’s how humiliated poor are transformed into right wing fanatics under the banner of hate talk show host Crush Bimbo. By voting against the unions for public sector workers the private sector workers (who already lost their unions and envious of those who still have it) position themselves on the side of Governor Scott Walker – they feel themselves above the workers struggling for their democratic rights as if they are not workers at all. That’s how psychological identification with masters magically transforms poor with democratic sensibility into ultra-conservative zealots.

Democratic citizenship is impossible without a systematic humanistic education – without the knowledge of history, anthropology, political science, history of various arts, psychology, social psychology, philosophy and sociology. Because the majority never studied the humanistic sciences they spontaneously sympathize with the conservative political ideas – conservative sensibility is all they have. They cannot “love” the educated political leaders with their long “boring” phrases and subordinate clauses. The socially humiliated condition of the conservative poor is balanced by their psychological self-centeredness – as rural people assess the world by its similarity with their own country life. And just because they live in a democracy they are permanently narcissistically frustrated – democratic world is full of people dissimilar from them. In this situation their typical psychological defense is fundamentalist religious or political beliefs. They cannot love people like Clinton, Gore or Obama (people of reasoning). Their passionate love belongs to people like the Bush, Rumsfeld and Cheney (people of power). And they don’t understand that democratic politics is not about love for the political leader (based on identification with him by similarity) but about political ideas and democratic behavior. Democracy supposed to be rational and thoughtful, not too passionate.

Self-centered conservative philistines (SCCPs) even when they are poor enjoy perception of life through their happy hate directed at those who think and feel differently. SCCPs are inexhaustible source of eternal wars. The traditional totalitarian logic is shared by too many in formal democracies just because many people feel that democratic/humanistic sensitivity is the very enemy of democracy as they see it – as a country much better than other countries not because of its democratic/humanistic ideas and institutions but because “it’s my country, where “my” family, “my” church and people like “myself” exist and show the rest of the world how to live. They are ready to personally suffer injustice and inequality as soon as they, following Bush Junior, can call it “freedm/dmocracy”. They don’t want to look as (marginalized) “Others” in their own country. They prefer to be judges and punishers of otherness. So, they identify with their masters and feel themselves strong, respectable and happy-hating.