Fascist Propaganda Poster with Benito Mussolini’s profile

Hitler slogan underlining the unity of German people was –Ein Volk, Ein Reich, ein Führer! (One Folk, One Country, One Leader!) The slogan on this poster is – Un Cuore Solo, Una Volonta Sola, Una Decisione Sola! (A common heart, a common will, a single decision!)

The contrast between the huge crowd of Mussolini’s supporters and his giant contoured profile emphasizes the sameness of the totalitarian leader and his countless admirers. The poster makes democratic people think about the very nature of unity between political leader and his followers.

The crowd which is external in relation to Mussolini-a person’s internal world is represented in the poster as belonging to his psychological internality, while Mussolini’s thinking-and-feelings which are external to the crowd of his admirers are represented as a vessel accumulating and keeping people’s excitement. The leader and the masses are symbiotically blended – they are not just together, they’re togetherness itself, they’re, indeed una decisione sola. This is a pure totalitarianism in which there is no place for psychological variations and nuances, for otherness, human uniqueness and difference in opinion – for the freedom of human souls (any obsession including obsessive love-loyalty towards the leader is not freedom, but idolatrous fixation from our unconscious).

We’re puzzled by the extremist nature – absoluteness of this unity and by the happy atmosphere embracing togetherness of the totalitarian leader and his masses. We see that in our country, US, especially in the 21th century many people also gravitate towards an unconditional admiration for a political leader in the highest position in the executive branch. But isn’t love toward a President a worthy emotion demonstrating the unity of a great country, a unity leading us into even greater future? Aren’t internal conflicts are not healthy because they are weakening us from inside? But isn’t unity of the kind that is achieved in totalitarian countries wrong because it understood in a totalitarian way of using intolerance and cruelty and a despotic exclusion of behavioral pluralism and psychological and intellectual versatility? In democratic country unity includes criticism which is considered necessary for functioning of democratic system where versatility of opinions not only maintains a politically hygienic atmosphere but creates a balanced – rational understanding of the political and economic problems. Totalitarianism doesn’t respect the majority – it is prone to transform the people of the majority into poverty ridden paupers, servants of the decision making wealthy and soldiers for the future wars.

Unfortunately, in US today taste for really democratic governing is going through a harsh and, may be, a grave time because the present conservative leaders are prone to traditional – authoritarian rule and alienating the majority of demos from influencing the decision-making. Let’s not forget what main despotic leaders (Fuhrer, Il Duce and Franco) “achieved” in Europe during the 20th century.