JLG making “Weekend”, 1967

Godard is wrestling with an Angel – trying to overcome his cognitive opponent

Godard is happily enjoying his sudden present – his new (and with new tricks and pranks) camera

Jean-Luc introducing his wife – actress Anne Wiazemsky to Pier Paolo Pasolini who will work with her in his “Theorem” and “Pigpen”

May be, here Jean Luc looks at the future not to understand it better and not to challenge it, but rather to suffer its inevitability

How dedicatedly and how passionately Jean Luc is explaining to Brigit Bardot (who will play the main character in Godard’s “Contempt/Le Mepris”, 1964) the bitter pride which poisons Camille’s soul.

Jean Luc explains the difficulties with the producers and their problems with the film, which he tries to resolve while preparing his “Contempt” for release to the screening in international movie-theaters.