We live Between Being and Non-Being, Ritualistic Loving with Roaring Accompaniment of Hating, Between Stupidity and Calculations, Obsessive Optimism and Compulsive Despair

Pay attention to Paul’s (Jacques Dutronc) almost completely crushed smile – echo of an almost destroyed soul. It’s a barely smile of a body existentially separated from its soul.

Paul has lost his feeling of being able to love and deserving to be loved. Here, he is sitting on the same bench where obviously a proletarian family is enjoying its togetherness – Paul is, as if, trying to feel close to family happiness which he personally has lost and frankly, never had. But the longer Paul sat there on the bench it became clear to him that this family is “fake” – these people just hope to make a little money by impersonating family happiness.

Paul is suddenly “attacked” by a homosexual man (valet at the hotel where Paul was temporarily living) who started to frantically beg Paul to use him sexually referring to his impressive competence and without any commerce intended. Paul retreated like a boy running from police.

Sometimes, when a person doesn’t know how to realize love s/he feels it’s necessary to do something eccentric and absurd, impressive and strong. Without understanding what he is doing, Paul frantically jumps on Denise (his previous mistress – Nathalie Baye) over the table where they were eating. But in reality such pompous impulses are mute and without expected results. They’re just futile despair of lost or pseudo-togetherness.

Pay attention to Cecile’s (Cecile Tanner) contemptuous grimace when she is looking at her father (Paul). Indeed, she just feels disgust toward him who cannot be successful in this society. At her age and in an environment of merciless fight for success (in the atmosphere of belligerent ambitions) it’s easy to look down at “losers“.

Paul is struck by a casual car and is between life and death (between absence and presence of god nearby)

Paul is still between life and death, while his x-wife and daughter (casual witnesses of the accident) were rushing away from the scene.


With life provoking in us the desire for various simultaneous entrepreneurship and for opening up of new spaces for social success – we invent fetishes to balance our restlessness – populist political fakes, obsessive hobbies, wealth appropriation, alcohol, pills, drugs, money-money-money in order at least to soften our worries, worries, worries. The world, in the perception of today’s people, is full of dangerous surprises, which they believe can betray them at any moment. You need likeminded friends but even these common identity – buddies for common survival (old by tricky “technology”) is as chaotic like the world and their survival-success may not include you. It’s felt necessary to make a group with a common, collective mind. So, totalitarian tendencies become stronger and stronger – group against group, ideology against ideology, team against team, country against country and all against all.