Jean-Luc Godard, the creator of (among other incredible films) – “My Life to Live” (1962), “The Little Soldier”, 1963, “Contempt” (1965), “Every Man for Himself” (1980), “First Name Carmen” (1983), “Hail Mary” (1985), “The Detective” (1985), “Helas Pour Moi” (1993), “For Ever Mozart” (1996), “In Praise of Love” (2001), “Our Music” (2004), “Film Socialisme” (2010)

Godard comprehends in what a disastrous existentially spiritual environment we live, not just the politico-economic circumstances we with amazement have found ourselves “trapped in”. He is horrified by what’s going on in so many previously democratic countries. On his photograph here Godard is looking at the reality of the changing life with suffering but without fear. Look at amazement in his gaze, intensity of his involvement. He is contesting the socio-psychological tendencies but is in… dialogue with them. He wants to explain to the defenders of the old new – those overwhelmed with antidemocratic moods, what they are doing to human world. And he, as if, wants to awaken the masses of their followers – people who are for decades already seduced and mislead not just by the right wing crude propaganda, but by goodness and niceness of pseudo and cheap prosperity and comforting fakery of entertainment. These people are losing their humility and humanity because of their megalomania based on the belief in their exceptionalism – and they becoming enraged because they have lost the feeling of their glory due to pauperization as a result of “austerity”. And now we confront the capricious hierarchical arpeggio, when the wealthiest take from the wealthy, wealthy from the rich, rich from the middle class, the middle class from the poor, poor from even poorer, and even-poorer from the poorest. White take from the brown and black, but white, brown and black from “foreigners” (be they black, brown, white, yellow or whatever) who’re rapidly transformed into “enemies” in a horrifyingly narrow sense of the word. That’s where we are all victoriously sliding on our buttocks.

Godard doesn’t deserve to see this. But we who tried to ignore the growing dangers for decades deserve to see and feel it. Who can help us? As the proverb says – god is too high up and king is too far. Participation in electoral ritual will not be enough. Our souls ought to be involved. But souls are not identical neither with our bodies demanding consumerism, entertainment and high-tech gun power, nor with our minds hired by our bodies to calculate our advantage better. And souls themselves are vulnerable to the poisonous process of “philistinization” with its greed, hate, hubris, cruelty, need to dominate, etc.