Right Wing Politicians And Hate Talk Show Hosts Cost Corporations A Lot Of Money

Role of Corporate Money In Politics
J.Heartfield (Helmut Herzfelde) – “Millions Stand behind Me: The Meaning of Hitler’s Salute” (1932). The commentary at the bottom of the picture says: small man asks for big donations.

In this picture Heartfield sarcastically suggests the reason why Hitler’s personal gesture of Nazi salute is so particular. While the typical way of making Nazi salute is exaggeratedly masculine, even virile, Hitler’s hand, in the moment of saluting, very often tilts back, as if reclines behind him losing hardness and aggressiveness. It becomes soft and passive. Heartfield explains that it’s because with his hand Hitler receives an over-generous donations from big business from behind, secretly. In the picture Hitler claims that millions of people stand behind him while it is rather millions of dollars in German currency. This explains Nazi party’s popularity. Mass enthusiasm comes after, when an extensive propaganda of superiority and violence has already done its brainwashing job.

J.Heartfield – “Adolf, the Superman: Swallows Gold and Spouts Junk”, 1932

Important feature of Adolph Hitler is that he was one of the first hate talk entertainer. His task was to instigate, inspire hate among those who through hate and violence were psychologically prone to compensate themselves for their humiliated social condition – that is the most pauperized, uneducated and culturally illiterate layers of the population. Hitler and other propagandists succeeded to the point of creating a rebellion against a democratic government, and this cleared the way for establishing a corporate totalitarian rule where the rich and powerful usurped the right to make all the decisions for everybody and control everything. The rich need fascism because only then they are able to drop their responsibility to a society (that helps them make their profits) and avoid sharing a fraction of the wealth with the poor. Instead they send the poor to die on war battlefields while they themselves survive the dangerous times in their luxurious holes in the rear. Hitler himself was one of the top employees of German industrial and financial corporations. Heartfield shows a kind of x-ray of Hitler‘s internals over-filled with golden coins. It is a payment for producing the junk of his ferocious propaganda speeches based on murderous hate toward scapegoats. Today the American politicians (especially the right wing) get more and more golden coins for supporting the corporate interests and opposing humanitarian reforms.

We know how much today’s American corporations spend on hate talk show hosts trying to instigate the young people without education to rebel against Democratic Party and humanistic political agenda. Rush Limbaugh by different estimates makes from 33 to 50 millions per year, and Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly – each make about 10 millions annually in the same manner (from behind) as Hitler received corporate donations for the same propaganda of violence. No one in the progressive radio makes anything close to these numbers. 91% of American radio today is conservative, pro-corporate (corp-servative) and violence inspiring voices, in contrast with only 9% democratic and oriented on rational problem-solving.