American Neo-Republicans as the Followers of Stalinism

Remnants of democratic style in the very procedure of how a General Secretary of Communist Party is supposed to be elected were too much for Stalin’s psyche. To let another guy to be elected for the position that he, Stalin, himself occupies, to entrust the country especially during such a difficult moment in its history to a person who never worked on the highest level of leadership – that could have catastrophic consequences not only for the Soviet Union but for the whole world! “This possibility must be prevented by any price! – Too much is at stake. Communism itself is in danger!” So, the other candidate (Sergei Kirov) was assassinated and his murder was represented as a terrorist plot to undermine the first socialist country in the world (even after becoming a victim of Stalin’s pathological yearning for power Kirov continued to serve the Communist idea).

But to eliminate a political opponent (running for the same position you yourself want) is not enough, is not secure enough, is not home-land-secure enough because the very idea that a political opposition can exist and that any of the two opponents can be elected (Kirov instead of Stalin) was in the minds of the members of the 17th Congress of the Communist Party in 1934. “That’s where evil was nesting!” So, the way towards mass repressions starting in 1937, was opened. Similar in essence situation takes place today in US. The American wealthy two percents of population cannot anymore accept a democracy that gives chance to build a society together not in complete (totalitarian) unison but through utilizing multiplicity of wills and tastes, and discrepancies in political opinions. In Democracy the exact results of electing political leaders are never guaranteed and clear in advance. That’s what continuity of democracy means. Genuinely democratic people don’t insist on complete realization of their private wills (without taking into consideration the presence of other people with their particular interests). Democratic people are always ready to include others’ perspective and desires into their own dreams and plans. But that’s not true for the wealthy top of the social pyramid in the beginning of 21st century – the American top-rich want their ideas and financial goals be realized absolutely as they want it without taking into a consideration needs and desires of other people. They are psychologically like Joseph Stalin – “either it will be as I say or else I will push the whole country (and, if necessary, the entire world) into a bloody turbulence!“. It is Stalin’s antidemocratic sensibility is behind the newly elected Tea Party governors’ agenda of getting rid of the Union’s bargaining power, and drastically reducing money on education, Medicare and programs for helping children, elderly and the needy. This agenda is very close to that of Soviet Communist party which never allowed free Unions to exist, transformed humanistic education into a political propaganda and provided only minimal medical care.

The very radicalism of today’s Republican Party’s policy to cut trillions of taxpayers’ money (helping taxpayers) and to put it to the pockets of a tiny minority on the top of social pyramid is similar to the policies of the Soviet Communist Party that had ruled over masses reduced to poverty and deprived of humanistic education and independent thinking. Today’s American rich unawarely imitate the Stalinist concept of extreme inequality between the top and the bottom, the decision-making elite and the majority of the people.

The right wing propaganda today – the belligerent slogans of hate that target people with democratic sensibility is a twin of Soviet propaganda that hatefully targeted everybody who is not “like us” – who think and perceive the world differently. The “between lines” ultimatum of the corporate minority to the American democracy is – “we will let people survive only if they’ll abide by our decisions, if everybody will accept our world view and our unconditional leadership. If people disagree with us we will destroy American economy, bankrupt finances and derail American life ‘as it is known’. But if people will go along and accept our austerity measures we will agree to pay American workers as much as we pay the Chinese, Indian and the Vietnamese workers – minimum but that will keep humans on the level of survival”.

“It’s better to agree with our, financial elite’s, absolute domination. The alternative will be total chaos; we already demonstrated what we can do by having created the financial collapse and precarious life for tens of millions of Americans”. The similar ultimatum Stalin indirectly gave to the Russian people in the middle of 30s by enforcing his point with mass arrests, creating a system of concentration camps and keeping people in a condition of poverty, cultural illiteracy and emotional primitivism.