The Murder of Children In Wars or By Hate, Their Utilitarian Use and Exploitation, Their Physical, Emotional or Sexual Abuse Are the Morbid Vices of the Adult Power

Kate Kollwitz, “Apotheosis of Love For Children”

Mother knows and loves her baby even with closed eyes. Their ability to see each other sublimates and enlarges their love. Mother’s gaze irradiates love and awakens love in the gaze of the child.

Kate Kollwitz, “Widows and Orphans”

Wars abruptly intervene into bonds of fathers and children. But transforming women into widows and children into orphans, wars endanger even the more primordial ties of mothers-children‘s unconditional love by traumatizing it with incurable grief – by destroying the life of mothers-children as a couple – the basic happiness of procreation. Warmongers are rewarded by wars with extra billions and power over geopolitical spaces by transforming human life into torment and previous children into suffering haters with souls full of pain and indifference. To kill children through war technology is like to kill them by following the order of King Herod.

Kate Kollwitz, “Mother Trying to Save Children from the Demon of War”

The more humans live through wars the more the human soul will be poisoned by aggressive hyper alertness and vengeful need to dominate and the more human race develops technical sciences the more it’s capable of killing men, women and children. Human history makes war-murder a giant snow-ball.

Kate Kollwitz, “The Mother Trying to Save Her Son from the Death”

Hunger, diseases and permanent fear of bombs and bullets during the wars or breaks between wars (like in our country today, where mentally deficient murderers easily can buy high-tech machine-guns) make mothers unable to nurture the next generation with normal human souls. In this Kollwitz’s work we see how desperately a mother is trying to save her son from death (seen in the left upper corner of the drawing).

Kate Kollwitz, “The Death Taking the Mother from Her Little Daughter to the Land of the Dead”

Mothers are less and less able to save the future generations. We see here how the child is trying in vain to save her mother from the monstrous figure of death triumphing over human life.

Kate Kollwitz, “Two Little girls attempting to save their sister from the Death”

Ancient and recent histories teach children the horrors of wars much more than freedom and happiness. Some people who are traumatized by war will say that freedom ought to be defended. For them war is something like freedom in action. But freedom can develop only if humans have the ability to overcome killing and hate to be able to talk with other people on equal terms, human to human, without megalomania, with a good will instead of manipulation, bribery or financial seduction, without calculation of advantage over the other side. To be capable to talk positively it’s necessary to get a humanistic education, but now less and less people are interested in knowing history, psychology, sociology, serious art, while more and more people learn how to scheme, mislead, lie, fabricate pseudo-information and manipulate and buy loyalty for money. Peace (overcoming war) is only possible if both sides really want peace, are really able to want it.

Kate Kollwitz, “A Horrified Mother Trying Not to Let Her Daughter Be Grabbed By Death


Most of Kathe Kollwitz’s drawings, sketches and sculptures were created during the WWI, WWII and during the interval between them. But today-ness of her art is impressive. How many children have perished from hunger and bombings of Yemen, Syria, Iraq, etc.! And new wars are ready to go. And every day at least 20 American veterans of the Iraq war take their own lives and nobody was here to adequately address their suffering.