Kazimir Malevich, “Women in Church”, 1912

It’s already a fact that shooting and killing with guns in US is for some a “bravura game” and for others a tragic disaster. It’s on a daily basis that we observe on TV the suffering families of the murdered victims of casual shootings. These people who suddenly lost their loved ones and became martyrs are, as if, resurrecting Malevich’s painting as tormented by the shooters.

Malevich’s peasant women didn’t lose their family members as often as Americans do today. They for the most part suffered from chronic hunger and poverty or lost their husbands and sons when they are taken to serve in Tsar’s army sometimes for as long as twenty years. But to lose your child, husband or parent in a so called Democratic and progressive country in the 21st century due to – not an enemy at war with us, but casual people who are citizens of our own country – it seems so… impossible, beyond belief – monstrously absurd.

By seeing the sick-and-pained eyes of the suffering Americans like the peasant women from Malevich’s painting we’re just reminded that the people we know as our relations and neighbors can be get killed because of the very presence of anarchic – reckless firearms in the hands of dangerous people. Of course, gun worshippers will say that it’s the presence of criminal “bad guys” around us who “abuse weapons”. They arguing that these “bad guys” are dangerous and we have to protect ourselves with more and stronger weapons. But in the same time, gun lovers know that these “bad guys” can so easily buy the military grade firearms with large capacity magazines, without even checking whether they’re qualified, and have or not the history of violence and mental health – and that makes such a “liberal” approach to them outrageously dangerous. Only those who have a special license and went through mental training and got psychotherapeutic qualification has a right to get permission to owe gun.

“Bad guy is coming to get you” – is what is written in numerous advertisements of gun sale. And also – “Rush to buy gun and ammo to protect yourself and you family!” And farther – “Here we have the strongest bullets you’ll ever find”. But how about this, for change – “The bad guy is danger only if he is with firearms!” But don’t forget – not to allow gun dealers to sell weapons to the bad guys! Don’t let them to allow “bad guys” to buy and have weapons! Here lies the danger of “a bad guy with a weapon” – the greedy and irresponsible dealers who are selling firearms. It’s matter not about guns, but about money! Good Americans are dying not because of guns, but because gun dealers need money!

The end of the “bad guys is coming after you” is not far. It’s the corrupt organizations and people who make profit by selling to the “bad guys” firearms – this is the only problem here. It’s rather greedy people enrich themselves through “Bad guys with firearms coming to get you”.

Kazimir Malevich, “Women in Church”, 1912