Momo’s Milieu – People Who Contributed to Momo’s Childhood With Their Souls

Momo was abandoned from very early on by his mother-prostitute and father-petti thief. Here, we see Madame Rosa counting the remnants of money which parents paid for their children in her care. Often some parents disappear for months or just showed up when they could afford to pay something.

Dr. Katz, the physician of the poor people living in Parisian Pigalle – a district full of brothels and drug dens, tried hard to persuade Momo not to hustle. Together with Madame Rosa Dr. Katz try again and again to explain to the boy the importance of purity of the soul in a life which contradicts human decency.

Mr. Amir Momo’s tutor and a carpet seller – is another person in Momo’s life who tried to explain to him how to live without feeling shame and how not to try to learn tricks from the poor or the rich.

Nadine has connections with people who work with helping children that need help, met Momo by chance and got the idea to invite him to introduce him to her children.

The prostitute who often stands in the corner of the building where Momo lives, offered him material help, but it didn’t go anywhere.

When Madame Rosa’s health became worse the neighbor who has lived in the same building for years tries to encourage them both. She was once a boxer and survived through doing odd petty jobs.

Madame Rosa’s health becomes worse and worse, and Dr. Katz spends time trying to console and encourage Momo. He looks worried himself – you can read it on his face. He being even older than Madame Rosa.

When Madame Rosa’s condition kept getting worse than worse she herself started to worry about Momo. She understood that her time is running out and the inevitable is near, but what to do with him, how to help him… being left all alone?

Dr. Katz noticing Momo’s tears was barely able to keep his posture as an experienced elder man. He mumbled trying to reassure him that everything with Mm Rosa will be OK. Will Momo be able to survive alone? He is young and good looking. “The life in front of you”. Work is not enough. Friends are not enough. Luck is not enough. Only human soul, your own soul is real. Madame Rosa taught him exactly this. Soul is the world. The soul is everything. Your soul is the universe! And More!