Liberals In Process of Successful Survival Produce Smiles of Momentary Relaxation

Liberal Smile Is Smile of Politeness, Openness, Optimism, Smile of General Positivity, of Goodness, of Welcoming the Future – It’s Smile of Friendliness, Niceness, Smile of Liberalism

With the Help of German “Liebe” (Love), “Lieben” (to Love) and “lieb” (dear) Liberals Transform “liberalism” into “Lieberalism”

For conservative masses to listen to a conservative pop-politician or to watch him in an ad-like posturing is pure, dense and forever remembered pleasure. Neocon politicians flatter people by steering in them the most indulgent narcissism and the most archaic hate for dissimilar people. That’s how the Soviet communists flattered the uneducated Russian masses by suggesting that as soon as they follow Communist doctrine they are the smartest and the wisest people ever lived on Earth and that even the corniest among them are intellectually ahead of all the bourgeois scholars and politicians everywhere in the world.

But democratic voters, on the other hand cannot indulge in feelings of jubilant superiority and righteous hate. Instead they try to understand the problems as they are – difficult, boring, intractable and resistant. They recognize that they cannot grasp the problems immediately, like the conservatives who love to belief that they are smarter and don’t need to study life to know it. To get that you need time and effort to understand reality is an incredible psychological burden for our self-image, it’s practically, humiliation, and you need to have a strong ego to sustain it. Conservative mass-electorate is not on this level of psychological development. The second difficulty democratic voters have to endure is that they cannot surrender to hate and start to scapegoat those who are dissimilar. The task of liberal politicians is how to involve the people without overwhelming them. But what is the direction of the liberal smile?

Only gradually and painfully it becomes clear that the liberal smile exists instead of political direction, that direction is this very smile which in reality is the goal of the political process according to lieberal unconscious. This smile is political, it is lieberal politics itself. This is the shy-shining smile of Bill Clinton, which we all remember from endless TV clips starting from 1991. It is the pleasure smile of not being conservative, of being a lieberal. It is already the great achievement of lieberalism – to be good, nice, polite, and positive, to stay optimistic and hopeful in spite of everything.

At some point Bill Clinton’s shy-shining smile became the smile of sadness. This smile of sadness is a defeated, conquered smile that is lost but still smiling. It is a smile conquered but still appealing. It is Bill Clinton’s smile after Monica Lewinski’s affair, the smile of a sludge squeezed by the neocon’s boot. Bill Clinton joined Bush Sr. in advertising their positivity toward the world. Later he went abroad with his sad smile that became the logo of defeated liberalism and its kindness/goodness toward the world. Turned off smiling became the next historical step in lieberal smiling – the smile’s seriousness represented by Al Gore who lost the election without losing it, who lost the Presidency without losing to the opponent. Al Gore’s is the image of a sadly serious lieberal smile even when he is not smiling. Lieberal smile is a smile even when a person is furious or desperate or dead serious. Lieberals are smiling to the public even when they are obviously not smiling. Lieberal smile is a structural one; it is still smile even when there is no smile at all.

The shy-shining smile of joyful Clinton-the victorious, the defeated smile of sadness and despair of the insulted and humiliated Clinton, Gore’s smile of appeal without joy of hope, the smile of seriousness of his global warming warnings – these are smiles of lieberals trapped and locked by neocons.

Lieberal cannot produce anger or indignation. It will still be a smile even when they are desperate, angry or indignant. Lieberal smile is a grimace of the inability to fight. It is a mask of psychological defense against fighting for your cause, for your ideals, and risking on this path.

It is not that lieberals are not able to fight. They are – for opened position, for jobs, for a place in financial hierarchy. They can fight by voting for issues. They cannot fight in a context of sharp political and ideological conflict. They need sublimated fighting environment where conflict is reduced to contradiction, and contradiction to the civil ritual of exchanging arguments and counting votes.

Lieberals are children of lieberal procedures’ Immaculate Conception. They are Immaculate Conception politicians.