Life as a phenomenon and life as a fact
Life as a meaning and life as an experience
Life as a paradox and life as an offer
Life as an ordeal and life as a choice.

Only life as a phenomenon or meaning or a paradox or an ordeal – is exclamatorily worthy and then a person is trying to keep it to him/herself as love not in order to even live but to possess… life.

But if someone’s life either as a fact, or experience, or an offer or a choice – life for this person is not absolute – with overwhelming value, therefore s/he can risk to die… whether at the beginning of life or somewhere in the midst or already on the periphery of life.

Only if a person is… absurdly – meaninglessly dedicated to life – to let your breath to carry you with itself – s/he can indulgently feel because his/her very being is in love with life even if the person isn’t conscious about it.

Love for life is so basic and at the same time it’s an amorphous kind of love that it contradicts the human interest towards concrete things and particular obsessions – love for women, friends and even love for money, success and power, not to mention such attractive areas as consumerism and entertainments or good and solid job providing a decent income, etc.

Of course, life as the object of love is as jealous about its lover as mountains, oceans, sun, night or even clouds. It keeps you with itself, it touches you and it plays with you until the moment it will desire to avenge you for being mortal – for the universal weakness of passively and frivolously depending on life. It gave you chance but will not forgive your ineptitude.

It’s less ignoble to lose what is really worthy than to climb up the existential toys of petti fascinations with life. To touch what is possible to caress, even you will soon enough be rewarded is a child’s game adults proudly indulge in. But its deadly rewards are as temporary as your health, as disappearing as one’s destiny…

The majority of human beings takes life as fragments to choose from – to develop one’s profession, to compete, to grow as a professional, have fun, to pick up friends, to build one’s popularity, to project your love and sexual generosity and enrich your competence to be a success. People of fragments are lovers of existential drops and crumbs. They’re amorously fixated on technical toys and gadgets, electronics, techno-magic, super-guns, prosperous way of life, on being entertained, on promising careers, versatile sports, amours, sex and adventurous travels. As we see, these people are full of partial but passionate interests. They are interested not so much in the world as in the things and actions the world has to offer. They are takers/users and are attracted to what looks attractive. They are symbiotic with fragments of the world. They are greedy not for the world, but for its flashy-fleshy aspects. Yes, they are consumers of the world and of its natural and artificial, technical parts. In other words they like to appropriate and consume the many forms of reality human life consists of. In this sense their life is overfilled although under-meaningful, but even over-meaning cannot compete with what is overfilled.

It is easy to compare a human being living to enjoy life (or at least trying to enjoy) – as touching or grabbing life as if it’s collection of multicolored attractions, and on the other hand a contemplative posture of feeling and thinking about life. It is like a discrepancy between a permanent embrace of life itself and living in between slippery affairs of a tiresome, incurable and eventually unbearable world of multiplicity.

Is there a difference or similarity between the two human postures – a smoldering loyalty to eternal living and a suffocating permanent reincarnations of monotonous versatility? Is there a dissimilarity between love for the process of universal life and love for satisfying and disappointing waste of yourself and the world? A perpetual reunification of the human soul with the planetary life is a reunion with the world life while overexcited and tiresome attempts to play with worldly toys is only re-consumption of the world’s overworked flesh.