Richest Two Percents of American Population and Destruction of Mass Prosperity in US

“The bottom 80% of Americans only hold seven percent of the wealth and this number is declining fast. The top 2% hold close to 50% of the wealth and this number is increasing.”
Prairie 2 News, June 10, 2011

“The old language of [democratic] politics – ‘cooperation’ and ‘collective action’, ‘human sympathy’ and the ‘common good’ – has been suppressed, even ridiculed.” William Greider, “Bold Ideas for a New Economy”, “The Nation”, June 27, 2011, p. 11 – 12

“GE, Exxon-Mobil, Bank of America, Chevron and Boeing…during the 2009-2010 election cycle, spent combined $7.86 million in campaign contributions, a 7 percent jump over their 2007-2008 political spending.”
Michael Winship, “Forget the Rich: Tax the Poor and Middle Class!”, Truthout, May 10, 2011

For the minority of rich and powerful democracy is very difficult, not to say, a dangerous political system. They need more and more wealth and power while democracy is majority oriented. They need unconditional control over decision-making while democracy by definition provides for the masses of people the opportunity to participate in deciding the present and future of their country. To get rid of the influence of the majority on the American political process means to neutralize the democratic mechanism of free elections. So, for the tiny minority of the population it is absolutely necessary to neutralize popular opinion.

To rule effectively over the majority the wealthy/powerful have to pretend that their interests are identical with that of the majority and that they rule in the interests of masses (the Soviet Communist elite faced the same problem). Because the minority’s way of life is so drastically different from the majority’s the wealthiest 2% has to deploy virtuoso intellectual tools to persuade the ninety-eight percent of Americans that the rich are equal to the poor and that the interests of wealthy is the same as that of the majority. There are many strategies to get rid of public opinion by neutralizing free elections – like election fraud when hundreds of thousands of ballots can disappear (not without the help of electronic voting machines processing the ballots without paper traces), invention of limitations on voting rights (elimination of certain categories of voters), etc. But the main strategy, of course, is to create resourceful political propaganda using lack of humanistic education in masses of population and people’s desperate emotional need to identify with the socially strong and financially glamorous people. The wealthy finance the think-tanks through which they hire the scholars whose job description is to analyze how to transform the majority into loyal servants of the interests of the rulers. Financial elite hires the hate-mongers (like Crush Bimbo or Clown Buck, etc.) carrying out “hate therapy” with their listeners who feel emotionally better when they can openly express hate. Rich also provide the general financial stability for “liberal” press and media, on a condition that the commentators and journalists will be “politically neutral”, under the cover of fraudulent idea that people need a so called “objective” reporting, so, even when facts are reported their analysis is not provided. In other words, the wealthy pockets buy right wing propagandists for much, “liberal” journalists for little and Tea Party street enthusiasts for a pittance.

To pauperize the population is one of the most important macro-strategies of the wealthy minority and their political agents (“Tea-Party governors” and congressmen come with their anti-labor, anti-medical care and anti-education agenda). To develop respect for truth as such (factual and logical) you need to be minimally materially well off to get a humanistic education (in liberal arts), be trained in reasoning and be psychologically secure enough to be capable emotionally tolerate the necessity to analyze (not just react on) what’s happening in the world (thinking demands postponement of emotional satisfaction). To be materially insecure means not only to be uneducated but to stay under the power of emotional logic and basic mental mechanisms – proclivity to identify with the rich and powerful (to satisfy the human need to self-assert and self-realize not through real achievements but by the imaginary trick of identification – through unconscious appropriation of somebody else’s attributes as one’s own), tendency to self-sacrifice for the sake of leaders and bombastic archaic fetishes (religions, political systems, “our” sacred land, and normative dogmas), the need to self-glorify (to feel somebody of value and importance) and to scapegoat (to see the reasons for the problems not in the complicated nature of problems but in “some people” who are dissimilar from “us”). To keep the majority of people in this condition is a guarantee that they will be simplemindedly serve the wealthy/powerful elite while feeling that they are motivated by the “objective truth”.

The most precious feature of poor people from the perspective of rich is their proneness for the scapegoating rage. The poor’s psyche is kind of split between conformism and indignation – they are prone to be conformist with their rich bosses and leaders and to be murderously hateful toward the scapegoats pointed to them by the rich (the liberal scholars, teachers of public schools, and anybody who thinks differently). The poor feel as if rich when they hate and want to destroy whom they hate. By transforming the American Middle class into the masses of poor, the rich form an army of ready-hateful people looking for scapegoats. Pauperization of the population means giving the poor the right to harass, intimidate and, finally, to murder whoever the rich through their political barkers will name as enemy.

Fascism, defined psychologically, is this “human right” to hate and to realize this hate through acts of verbal and, finally, physical violence. That’s why fascist epochs are periods of intense mass enthusiasm of the poor people who feel that they are now “recognized” in their “freedom” to “express themselves”. One of these epochs it seems, is on its way in US in the beginning of 21st century by the efforts of a tiny but mighty fraction of the American population.

For the neo-conservatives today it is necessary to take away from the people – Social Security-pensions, Medicate and Medicare, food-stamps and unemployment benefit – to make people willing to grab for themselves what belong to the new scapegoats. It will not be “anti-communists” (like in a Soviet Russia) but it will be the genuine democrats: people with personal taste for democratic relations with other people, for “spending” for people. “You don’t have the means to survive?” – Right wing propagandists suggest ‘in between lines’ to the masses by stimulating their despair and fury through austerity measures, “Then take what belong to you from the liberal professors, these snobs with pompous words, from arrogant workers, from greedy minorities, “egoistic” elderly and the “good for nothing” handicapped, take and enjoy it!” This is it seems the dynamic of today’s politico-psychological fascization in US.