After all the peripeteias between the young stubborn beauty Conchita claiming virginal status (Carole Bouquet and Angela Molina in the same role) and the old rich man Mathieu (Fernando Rey) dreaming of rejuvenation in her precious hands, the desperate Mathieu used the ultimate tool – the key to the house he eventually bought in Conchita’s name.

The grateful Conchita couldn’t believe her happiness and Mathieu’s generosity

She became gentle and soft. He never saw her like that. He felt himself like a skier on top of the White Mountain. Their fingers were trembling.

Suddenly Conchita changed. What could have happened again? After the operation of the golden key and the castle? Mathieu was still hoping that the bizarre change in Conchita is nothing more than a playful joke. He knew her well, but that was before the key…

But Conchita’s face changed again, like many times before. How is it possible – just moment ago she was so… cheerful?

Conchita’s… laughter was like a thunderstorm from the blue sky. How fioritures of her angelic voice can be so thunderstormy? Mathieu again felt the deadly burden of his age.

But even this wasn’t the end. Conchita’s unthinkable, unbelievable cruelty had more numbers. Mathieu had never seen anything like this in his whole life.

Finally, the last act. Mathieu felt himself, as if, locked in a deep cave. He was afraid that he will lose consciousness. Conchita did something that cannot happen in the world. In front of his own very eyes she… with her “disgusting“ boyfriend… Mathieu felt that he became dark as a lamp that lost electric power. But the amazing thing is that it wasn’t all. “Relations” between Mathieu and Conchita were continuing. Is it possible?

Some wars never reach a final resolution. After a lot of blood and corpses and some financial exchange wars may take a break – people need period of joys and hopes. But the spirit of wars are stubborn, especially the war of deadly rivalry between “Its Majesty-Money“ and the Human nature. In some historical moments it can seem that one side will prevail forever the other. Is the beginning of the 21st century one such moment? Is today it looks like that “Its Majesty Money“ interests are able to triumph over “human nature” (with its anarchy and stubbornness)? What if Money found a way to make Itself the nucleus of the human soul, more – the very heart of human nature?