Lydia, imagined by her husband Hermann-Hermann as being in love with Felix who is in turn equally in love with her (Felix himself is also the self-fantasy of the Hermann-Hermann). But what we see here is the beginning of Lydia’s incredible bird-love dance.

Lydia is impatiently rushing to meet Felix (in specific Felix’s white hat and suit and with his own intonations and manners – again masterfully projected into him by Hermann). Oh, how Lydia remembers Hermann’s intricate and joyful imagination!

She is generously moving as she always did with her husband. She always was a kind of a marionette inside Hermann’s inventions, she never was real. But she was always happy.

Lydia is ready to embrace Felix-Hermann (Hermann self-impersonation of the Felix) – but she always was the creature of his invention. She likes to be in mirages. The point is that she is irresistible as a woman – shining white, softness itself, femininely responsive and smartly limited.

For her (as Hermann invented her long ago) happiness is close – the new man she has in front of her. He doesn’t look like Hermann, but he is attractive, as long as Hermann wants her to love him. What is the difference between her real husband and her real husband’s invention? After all happiness is happiness. Luck is luck!

It is happiness – real touch. Yes, touch is real if it’s your husband’s or your own imagination. Who is this man that Lydia is embracing whose body is
like muscles? Who is he with a body soft as tenderness? – One of Lydia’s high points is quick reaction.

Who are we? We are close to one another. Is it my husband or his fantasy? Is it Hermann or Felix? What does it matter? We are alive and living. My husband is so smart, so “masterful”. And he loves me. And Felix, his friend or his brother or my love also loves me and I – him. Our two hats are our temple!

Felix is also as witty as Hermann. He also likes to joke. I like him so much. He talks a bit strange, but also, as Hermann has similar humor and wit. My dear Hermann! My dear Felix! My dear life – my happiness and my luck!

How masculine and smart he is – Hermann who sent him to me – knows me and knows what happiness is and what a great luck passion can be. Hermann, Felix and me and our happiness!

So much light around? And so much fog! So sweet Felix’s embrace! So beautiful was our apartment! But life all around is even better! Hermann has a lot of money – money which is ours, but it belongs not only to us, but to everything, to the forest, rivers, sun. Life is like love – it’s all so beautiful. It’s like a kiss! Look at us! World – do you see us?

Everything is so magical! How strong is Felix’s palms! And I am blissfully powerless in his arms!

Felix’s kisses are like Hermann’s! Like me kissing everything! Like kissing the foggy air!

Felix embracing me as Hermann did before. My Felix is as rich as my Hermann, as my Hermann-Herman. To be embraced by money is like to be embraced by life full of love. Money is forested nature in love! But, may be, love is the forestland nature of money!

Embrace and kiss are generosity of nature. Imagination is luck, while luck is happiness – even if Felix is dead, even if, Hermann is in prison and if disgusting Ardallion is already forgotten, life continues and continuation is life. Even if life is death – death is life, isn’t it? Even if life is deadly – deadliness being another side of life, then it means that death is something that can awaken in the midst of grass and leaves even when dried, yellow and crushed by the anonymous feet – So, Lydia will philosophize to eternity.