The two leading American political parties are like a traditional married couple. The Republican Party is the head of the family. The Democratic Party is the spouse. The GOP defines and plans the policies and the future of the country and the world. The democrats as good spouses, run the household, keep it clean, orderly and do some charity in and outside the country.

Like in a traditional marriage the husband is the energetic, entrepreneurally or/and militantly nomadic, macho, tough and strong, while the wife is a good looking, well read, loving, kind and emotionally responsive, in the golden marriage of the republicans and the democrats the former irradiate power that shapes the world and the future of the Earth, while the latter are in love with this power and only ask the husband to be a bit gentler and more compassionate when possible.

Like nobody defends a male with as much passion as his female, the permanent role of the democratic politicians is to defend their conservative husbands, help them during or after the periods of trouble and to get them out dry from the murky waters of their blunders, over-reactions and transgressions. Are the democrats doing this out of love for their husbands or is it out of love for the household – the American politics, and its yard – USA?

Domestic abuse is the virtue of the traditional males. To beat and to insult his wife and to corporeally punish his children is the prerogative of the head of the family. To tolerate her husband’s abuses is the obligation of a decent wife, and to be ready to sacrifice themselves for their fathers is the obligation of loyal children. The battered wife is always on the side of her husband. She is ready to suffer from husband’s brutality because of her love for the family he has created.

The most exemplary of the battered wives of the recent American politics are Bill Clinton and senator Jay Rockefeller. They both learned how to cry into their pillows at nights after being publicly betrayed and beaten up by their republican partners. Senator Harry Reed is the wife of the whole republican caucus of the Senate – a filibuster-preventing (by any cost) priest of Senate’s smooth rituals.

Macho men are strong to harass, to give a trashing, torture others on the way to their goals and hunt (with missiles and bombs) and fish (profits) in the planetary seas and lands. Battered women are also strong – to endure suffering, to continue to be dedicated to their men and to keep on wiping and cleaning the household of the American politics to preserve our country’s benign image. The prestige of a great country is more important than the unflattering factual truths about the conservatives’ trespasses of democratic laws, values and norms.

It is, ultimately, the question of blind love for your country (when “blind” is equal “strong”), your profit and your power (“your country’s” sublimated versions) vs. “enlightened” love for factual and logical truth. This modest truth has no “flesh” and “milk” that can feed our need to cling to the objects personifying the source of ontological plenitude. Such truth is universal and is perceived as “abstract” and “dry” by all those who have a strong feminine identification – a need to bond with power and profit.