Liberal Warrior in a land of giant posters, ambitious secret agents, politicians-servants of power, intellectualizing workers and bartenders, fitness ladies and writers fighting for success. Anna Karina’s heroine tries hard to balance the business of fight without hate and revenge without gloating with her personal charm of intelligence framed by femininity. She becomes a professional murderer, and we need to answer what exactly political powers in American life are symbolized by victims of her assassinations. Godard’s representation of Nixon and McNamara as junior secret service agents is politically eloquent and significant in its clairvoyance. Paula’s tireless, obsessive care about her appearance signifies the humongous role of appearance (of political cosmetics) in liberal politics (it is equal to the role of blackmail in conservative politics). Today in U.S.A. we live in a period of the decline of liberal appearance (together with democracy). Today, Paula Nelson would be, for sure, not only a professor-emeritus but a writer with a record of popular recognition. The film is incredible collage of images, ideas and characterizations as much puzzling as illuminating and enlightening.