Preamble: New Collaboration – Previous Leading Soviet Communists and Today’s American Neocons (A New Financial Symbiosis)

The Soviet Communists’ discoveries of their ideological similarities with the American neoconservatives demonstrate that it is really only the American liberal democrats with whom they have a problems, but during the Gorbachev-Reagan period they suddenly found in American neocons their lost brothers. Ex-Soviet rich’s impression about US was that it’s the liberal democrats create the “ideological mess” with their “pathological ideas about freedom for the poor and their equality with the wealthy”, but that the neocons are O.K. “They are like our own bones and muscles.”

In American neocons the previous top Soviet communists and post-Soviet Russian rich really found their wealthy relatives. They understood that instead of waiting for the “fall of capitalism” (habitual “sport” of the Soviet fanatics) they better learn from the American rich how to rule over the masses in Russia more effectively. They learned how to get rich without pretending of being poor with a fresh feeling of having sacred right to be richer than most of the people.

Before, in USSR Russian “secret rich” still felt uneasy that they are much richer amidst sea of naked proletarians, fearing that people will accuse them of stepping away from Marx’s sculptured gaze. Now, they came to learn that people will swallow everything if to be resolute and tough as the American wealthy are. If before the Soviet Russians had to pretend that they are as poor as the majority of the people, now they discovered how to be boldly proud of being richer and socially stronger than other people.

Now, in post-communist Russia the sons of the previous elites sing a new tune – “We are different from regular folks. Everything we have and use belongs to us, and we have much more myney (my money) to influence the political process than regular people. Long live personal enrichment! Onward to the victory of banknote individualism! Personal wealth will defend the wealthy from the greedy and arrogant poor! Private capital is the real ideology – more reliable than the ludicrous Marxist humanism!”

Starting with 1990s the previous top communists in Russia started to systematically focus on the American rich, in a time when the US media was especially pestering the American entrepreneurs with aches and hives. Liberal government’s endless inspections didn’t let the business people to pursue their financial maneuvers as “freely” as they wished for. “Democratic press and speech were making the American public too capricious and demanding. Liberal government sucked a lot of money through taxations for social services for the poor – money that deserved a better use. The working public was spoiled by benefits, expecting well paid jobs, high salaries and were allowed to strike, while in Soviet Union strikes wisely were not allowed. In US the rich were sick and tired of liberals ridiculing patriotism.” The middle class greed was another point irritating the American rich: “Middle-classers were expecting to live like the wealthy (without being one). They wanted to dictate us their conditions! No way!”

Manifesto of the Wealthy

“No, it cannot continue like this! We want a government that will serve us, the productive and innovative members of society instead of serving the parasitic poor and spoiled middle-classers. We must be treated according to Herbert Spencer’s definition of the rich as the benefactors of the humankind – we are the ones who create the very advancement of the civilization.”

“We are exhausted to be lectured by the liberal intellectuals about morality and high cultural values as more important than money power. And we don’t need regular people and their government put their noses into our plans for global financial expansion – we don’t need their ‘universalism of international solidarity’.”

“Yes, we believe in someone like Trump trumpeting clean air to the whole world. We, the wealthiest will not hide from anyone anymore the fact that the main source of our money is taxpayers’ money. We have the right to this money because we know what to do with it! While we should talk about the sacredness of free market we solemnly dream about monopolistic power over market – it is the power with which we transform civilization!”

“We-the rich should be allowed to produce more wealth, to become richer because we know better and are financially smarter. By our efforts human finances are transformed and converted into superhuman energy which we are ready to share with those who are deprived of financial gens and brains”.

“And it’s humiliating for us to hide behind the plebs-oriented ideology of democratic equality and justice for all – it is a radical obstacle for us the exceptional and precious minority. We deserve to be appreciated and recognized as natural leaders, on whom the future of whole species has to depend on. We refuse to play democracy/plebs-mocracy/poor-mocracy. We will not appeal to the poor and liberals. We don’t need their permission to continue our efforts to become richer!”

“In US we have to lie that we are for the poor, that we are dedicated to proles, that the reason we are rich is to be able to be more useful to the poor – to serve them better. It is, damn, humiliating and absurd! When this cult of the poor, inept and stupid people will end?! When will the financially talented people start to be promoted?”

“We, the American wealthy thought that the Soviet and Post-Soviet Russian rich are the crazy left, while now we understand that they are the good and healthy conservative right masking themselves as left to mislead international fanatic communists and aggressive poor. But these ‘left’ are in actuality the right, as we ourselves. Is history crazy and perverted enough to make the organic right look like the incompetent, good for nothing and stupid left? It is exactly like we were for decades in US pretending to admire not only the poor but the democrats. But we don’t need to be the democratic clowns anymore. Now we will be and already are in charge!”

“Why under democracy we, producers and suppliers of of new goods, creators of reality, developers of civilization, have to be supervised by the so-called ‘people’s government’ – by the bureaucrats elected by the poor and reporting to them, and administrators who order us what to do and what not to do?”

“And we will not put up with these miserable journalists (chewers of empty sounds) who want to investigate everything we do. They put their noses into our business and report every move we make and every thought we exchange with one another to the public and in a manner that makes us look bad. And we are expected to let them do it under the pompous labels of “Democracy and Freedom of Speech” (fraud-om of kitsch). These self-proclaimed knights of public chatter hate business without understanding that the precious opportunities of human future are in our hands, the hands of the jewelers of entrepreneurship!”