Manipulative Thinking (In Military Strategy And Tactics, In Political Propaganda And In Commercial Ads) Is a Sign of Psychological Underdevelopment

Manipulative thinking (attempts to manipulate other people to behave in a way that we want them to) is an infantile way of acting in the world – baby’s cry is an unconditional reflex nature provides to stimulate primary caregiver to attend her/his duties. Babies and children more than often try to produce in parents or adults in general feelings and behavior they want (to stimulate their attention, to make them to be occupied with the child, to make them buy toys child dreams to have, etc.) For a child to “manipulate” adults is quite innocent and a necessary way to behave if to remember the child’s helplessness in comparison with adults, but when manipulation (in a sense of pretense, lie and seductiveness in order to get results we need) is used by adults, like in a situation of personal relations, of war or politics or deceitful business practices – people who do this act like children. Psychologically mature human beings are able to be straight and honest with one another and take pleasure in being as such. Instead very often people either don’t have enough identity to be themselves, or they cannot afford the degree of straightness and honesty psychological maturity implies because it contradicts the success of their “survival”. So, they pretend to be somebody else, and at the end they will not know who is acting when they do, and who is feeling when they feel.

Children cannot avoid using manipulation: for example, they are trying to be nice and appealing when they need something from adults, because of their physical and emotional dependence, but what exactly makes adults to be not sincere and often desperately dishonest with others? – Weakness of character? – Objective insecurity in some situations? – A cruel fight for a place in the social hierarchy (a destiny we share with other primates and all the creatures living socially? Circumstances of socio-economic uncertainty, humiliating situations, feelings of helplessness and fear make people regress to a childhood condition. Hungry people, for example, can start to lie like children. But strategic and tactical calculations and political propaganda lying to and misleading people sometimes in a very sophisticated ways, commercial marketing exaggerating the good sides of the product and belittling its bad sides, or mass art using cheap and fake images to irrationally attract the consumers – in all these cases
manipulative thinking is artificially created by a system of values marking social success and victory over competitor as much more important than moral integrity, sincerity or disinterested understanding of life and the world. People stressed by the necessity to assert themselves in front of other people and to out-achieve in comparison with rivals are not able to correspond to the concept of a psychologically (existentially spiritually) developed human beings. Many never even discover what it is – a psychologically developed human relationship. They are permanently in a mutually manipulative mode of living. Situations when people cannot be honest, straight, free to be themselves and give another people the chance to be free as well, when people are afraid (to lose business and profit, job or a spouse or a comfortable way of life), when they are driven to try to outsmart one another in order to be successful – make adult people regress to a childish state sometimes almost in a psychotic ways. The results are – massive financial collapses, bale-outs of bankrupt enterprises by the taxpayers, invented wars, austerity for the majority, breakdown of the intimacy, etc.

Manipulative thinking (MT) – military-strategic or calculating and realizing financial success through market rigging, tax dodging, selling faulty financial products, etc., is oriented on achieving the goal of winning over opponents or obstacles. MT is a stem of the archetype of victory/defeat, of prevailing or having been prevailed upon, of being on the top or staying on the bottom, of being over or under powers permanently and tirelessly resisting our efforts. MT carries with itself its own hell.

Disinterested thinking (DT) is disappearing in a technological smokes and effectiveness of petty operations today’s life consists of. Everything is suppose to be addressed by a technical mind – by the small part of the traditional human mind that is the mind of the psychological wholeness which in a natural way keeps the technical thinking under its holistic control and is able to prevent the dangers technology and obsession with hyper-profit that exploits it, create for human and nature’s life. In 21st century MT is applied to everything as the most effective tool of producing results, but these results are projected not by holistic reason oriented on what is good for humanity but by the obsessive manipulative technical reasoning. Instrumental reason and its cognitive servant – MT which was created for applied tasks and mainly is interested in technological power and financial profit, have disarmed the humanistic reason with its cognitive ally – DT, and now occupy the position of a despotic leader of previously democratic cultures.

In this situation it is the availability of technological tools and soft-wares that determine the decision-making: to use or not to use this or that weapon system, to start or not a new war, to violate or not the rules of financial game, to put or not austerity on the population. MT is ruining the human civilization but helps the 1–2% of the population survive on the ruins of the 98%, with technology (including medical one) exclusively at their disposal.