“I believe in American exceptionalism“
Barack Obama

In spite of the existence of idealistic communes throughout human history and sentimental tales about good-kind leaders elected by kind-good people, we humans are creatures who, as women love men touchingly love tough machos as our political leaders and financial role models. Even democracies aren’t immune from electing tyrants.

It’s nothing new in passionate emotional fixation on political leaders whom humans in their hearts-and-minds are prone to blindly transform into their saviors and angels. Humans are small and weak without a strong dear-father. Without being warmed, protected and consoled we are goose-skin-cold and self-tearing-sad.

“But what’s happened that recently we, American citizens feel neither exceptional, nor superior to other countries and not happy as we were before? Of course, our country allows and even encourages us to privately buy high-tech weapons and to learn how to shoot and kill. And it is not a minor consolation. But our feelings are saying that it is not enough. Our salaries are not growing quickly enough to provide what we Americans used to proudly call living. We were promised a much more prosperous life than is available for us today. More and more foreigners are taking our jobs. And not everybody among us works in military technology plants. More and more homeless among our people. Instead of jobs we get long lines at the food banks. We have been stuck by austerity. And when we look at our guns dangerous ideas come to our minds. Too many foreign parasites and domestic liberals (talking with long sentences) take what supposed to be ours into their hands. We feel ourselves aliens in our own country. We feel betrayed. We feel deeply insulted by democrats with their patronizing promises” (from the lamentations of those who support their conservative political leader).

And now these people became the dreamers – they dream: to beat up those who, as they feel, are responsible for their pauperization – foreigners, refugees, rotten intellectuals and those who are making money on “humanistic culture” and liberal arts and who waste money and resources instead of investing more in fossil fuel and military technology. “Oh, how sweet it can be to break several noses, to make “democrat politicians” physically crippled for stealing from us our money and pride. We deserve reward for our patriotism. Our leaders told us that we’re better than the rest of the world, and no one has the right to keep us in poverty. It’s we deserve to become rich – not miserable professors of humanities. And we have only one hope – it is man who became our only savior – our present top leader!”

By similar motivations (to get more than other people) the Soviet Russians started to challenge the Soviet socialism and leadership at the end of the 20th century. If in SRussia (Soviet Russia) of 30-50’s inequality between citizens was measured in terms of the power of decision-making (people on top ‘keeping in hands’ people on bottom), not in financial inequality (which wasn’t too drastic), and even this inequality was psychologically compensated by intense experience of worshipping Stalin, in 21st century US – the hornet-like sting of inequality is psychologically compensated by waterfall-like worship of top political conservative leader.

Most SRussians unconditionally loved Stalin for his “power” (for his powerful posture of power), while American worshippers of their top conservative “boss” are moved by the unconditional love for him because for them he is “like them”: treated unjustly by a “damn dumb dems”. While Stalin for SRussians is a monument “the top American conservative leader is like ‘we’, like every normal Americans who is living by trying to make money, to become richer and eventually financially super-successful, but his enemies – liberal pigmies do everything to hurt him. It’s our dearest top-pop-leader’s Herculean fight with his enemies and his hate for them, who are trying to take away his fight for his own and our understanding of freedom – to do just what we want – to become richer than other people” – creates His admirers’ cosmic admiration for him.

The SRussians (Soviet Russians) in their limitless love for Stalin and the today’s hot unconditional lovers of the American top leaders are both going through a curious case of schizophrenic depersonalization inside their very identification with their leaders correspondingly, on two continents in different historical periods. In the case of Stalin the SRussians identified with him and lived their lives by Stalin’s ideology by being practically paupers. Through identification they appropriated Stalin’s personal toughness. Identification with Stalin made them feel strong and… happy – satisfied with themselves. In US today psychological situation between the top leader and his unconditional admirers is in a way similar. “If he will be able to achieve what he wants, then so can I” – is in the mind of American worshippers of their political role model. “If he is able to beat his and our opponents – so I will be able to do the same!” The top-leader’s passionate emotional lovers have come to feel, as if they themselves are already on his very path.

In other words, inhumane inequality between poor and rich, weak and strong, the unsuccessful and the successful helps the poor, the weak and the not successful to feel bigger and stronger than they were in reality. Because of identification with Stalin SRussions felt stronger than they are, and identification with American top-leader today in US gave a chance to American conservative masses be hopeful and pleasantly megalomaniacal in their hate for democrats and Democracy. Imaginary identification with leaders in both countries helps the both groups of people to feel better about themselves. In reality Stalin and present American pop-top-leader are as far from the ordinary people as Sun is from the Uranus. To let simple people feel themselves better by fraudulent (imaginary) identification with their role models only helps them to avoid the difficult process of becoming tolerant and later appreciative to honesty, humility and humanistic education. Identification with top-mountain leader is a pseudo solution, a trick and detour of truth, which helps the desperate and lost persons to deceive him/herself. Identification with idol and super-leader as a Master and Role model is fatal deceit of human destiny, a comfortable fakery which put people on a track of grandiose, risky, absurd and eventually criminal behavior.

Identification with adult is growing from the child’s infantile admiration of the father. Child’s unconditional love for the father is good for the child, although what is good about it is relative and can prevent child’s harmonious development. But love for the top leader (instead of critical understanding of his personality) can be a catastrophe for the adult who doesn’t have a right to give away his/her responsibility of adulthood for the sake of being emotionally protected by the despotic idol figure – a man in a role of super- or mega-father.