The most effective way to make a political or financial decision is to make it quickly and secretly. In this sense macro-decision-making is like murder – it needs silence. It needs the aura of muteness. That’s how Stalin operated. People were “informed” post factum (the terms were chosen by the “deciders”) usually in the imperative tone of mobilizing propaganda. That’s how political and financial macro-decisions were made during eight years of Bushmerica. But when a Democratic administration is in charge and when the majority of the lawmakers are Democrats, the tactics of the conservative politicians and the leading corporatists changes.


The time for noise has come, that is, of course, as self-serving to conservatives as their bold and ruthless decisions about economic profit or profitable wars. It is directed at licensed scapegoats from Democratic Party (one at a time, one per effort). The noise is murderous – it accuses, it insults, it tramples. It transforms a person into a monster, reptile, and a vermin. You have to lose your face, job, honor, and place in Being.


Conservatives did it to Garry Hart and John Edwards with trick of peccadillo. They did it to Clinton with trick of Monika. They did it to Howard Dean with trick of his allegedly over-enthusiastic intonation during a political speech. They did it to Kerry with trick of his so called tainted military record. Today they are doing this to Nancy Paralyzi whose political cow-cowardice married to her smiling civility, didn’t protect her from the Republican showy brutality. The semantic absurdity of their attack is not an obstacle for its success – the conservative masses are humanistically uneducated and psychologically infantile. They are motivated by emotions (aggressive, possessive and gusto oriented) – they will not be able to understand the difference in guilt between a murderer and a person who witnessed murder but didn’t risk to intervene. They will equalize and confuse the guilt of those who ordered torture and that of a person who just didn’t fight the deciders- and orderers-in-Chief. 


Conservative masses are the innocent victims of the conservative leaders who flatter them as the leading Soviet communists flattered the Soviet masses (“as soon as you believe in communism you are ahead of the bourgeois scholars and philosophers: you don’t need to study their bourgeois sciences like psychology and sociology, this creepy crap of sick minds”). Bushmerican conservative variant of the same flatter is: “as soon as you belong to the conservative movement you are already, in your understanding of life, much ahead of what the liberal sciences, this crappy crop of liberal flabby minds, can understand.” The flattered masses are ready to move ahead with hateful enthusiasm boiling in their blood vessels and urethras. That’s how Mao used young people for his “Cultural revolution”.


Political episodes of sneezy, fussy and fuzzy noise of the conservative predatory righteousness that scapegoatingly targets personalities from the Democratic Party, are the result of the same deficits and wounds in the very depth of the conservative psychology that created a giant detour of Iraq war, torture to fabricate the link between al Qaeda and Iraq, the financial collapse of Oct. 2008, and the very manner of perceiving reality in a paranoid-schizoid fashion.