Economic Monopoly is Incompatible with “Free Market” and Democratic Capitalism

Why neo-conservatives look for controlling markets through monopolistic power of corporate giants but glorify free market in their propaganda? Why are they prone to crush competitors while singing the ideological serenades to economic competition? For them the “Global economy” is a kind of a centralized structure where American global corporations “fused” with conservative government’s officials providing them with taxpayers’ money and American military forces to rule over the world economy.

Global economic tyrannosauruses (GETs) cannot accept free market because it is democratically an opened system, because uncertainty is part of it and every player can lose while he can also win. Free market is anti-monopolistic principle. It is a democratic economic concept, it’s like democracy in the realm of culture – a venture where nobody knows for sure who will win and who will lose, and which cultural tendencies will prevail and which will become marginal. Only those who are democrats by psychology can be adepts of free market, the only ones who are ready to submit to freedom – to the decision of the invisible hand and people’s tastes and opinions. Pluralistic culture corresponds to pluralistic economy where there is no place for super-colossal economic predators.

But GETs cannot just resign their destiny to the unpredictable results in the economy or life, results which depend not only on “our” desires and calculations but also on actions of the other people. GETs want absolute guarantee of their success. So, they need to control people’s desires, opinions and tastes, to manipulate the reality in oder to be sure that they’ll always win. They develop ideological propaganda in the realm of life and commercial advertisement in the area of economy. They can assert themselves only through eliminating the competitors in economy and freedom in life, like the SRussian (Soviet Russian) communists could feel confident only through complete elimination of the other political parties and difference of opinions to be totally in charge. SRussian communists and GETs belong to the same breed. They must control everything. They must be ahead of events, ahead of people’s minds, ahead of the world. They must prevent the intervention of freedom into their ability to monitor and control life and world. GETs are people and corporations in one – a corple (in corples the difference between the animate and inanimate, man and machine is erased).

Monopoly, be it economic or cultural – control over the markets and people’s thinking, is the way to go for those who are afraid of freedom and intolerant of any uncertainty. It is the way of Lenins and Cheneyfelds – to grab power, control and plan everything, decide for everyone is their mode of being. People like that want to be in charge of history, they want to command not only the economy but the public opinion and the historical process. They give orders to history where and how to go. They want to be in charge of freedom itself!

To accept free market and democracy you have to have some modesty and humility, to be willing to share responsibility for our destiny with others, to take other people’s ideas and desires into consideration. But this is too humiliating for those with an inferiority complex (with a lack of confidence in their own ontological value) – for those who are too afraid of putting aside the psychological weapon of being in charge of the world. Their inferiority complex (rooted in their childhood traumas and abuse) forces them to try to aggrandize themselves in order to balance their irrational fear of being dominated by others. The authoritarian nature of the anti-democrats (who are oriented on monopoly in economy and one ideology-for-all in culture) forces them to fight freedom while proclaiming its superior value! Poor neo-conservatives! They have to deny their loyalties while at the same time they try to assert them! They have to pretend that they are the white knights of democracy while in reality they are the agents of centralized power. I can only imagine how tormenting it is for them to fake democratic orgasm. They can be orgasmic only with dogmatic beliefs, power over freedom and financial profit.

We know better than freedom, we understand more than freedom – is the real motto of the neo-conservative activists in life and in economy. They try to represent the vulgar self-assertion and self-interest as the work of freedom, to name their militant anti-freedom stance as a romantic defense of freedom. SRussian Communists had already distinguished themselves by doing the same – when they called Soviet Union free, democratic and prosperous country.

Lenin is very happy to have Bushfeld and Rumsney as his behavioral followers. They are good promoters of his political style under the rhetorical labels that oppose the ones used by him. The real understanding of human beings should be based on their behavior, not their ideas, on their deeds and not their words.