“The Secrets of the Sauropod-[Global Corporations’] Record-Smashing Neck Make For a Classic Tale of Evolutionary Excess.” (p. 39)

… Sauropod-[global corporations] open their mouth wide and pull in all the vegetation [natural resources and profits] they could hold, relying on gut bacteria to extract the nutrients as food passes through their long digestive system. “The head is basically a cropping device – all mouth, like Cookie Monster or Pac-Man,” says Wedel. “The size of the head is the size of a bite.” A small head leaves little room for brains but that doesn’t seem to have been a disadvantage for sauropod-[corporations]… Big brains clearly weren’t [are not] important for sauropod-[corporations’] survival, they were [are] extremely successful without them… Evolution shows no sign of producing anything else quite like them. (p. 39, 40, 41)

Evolution of American citizens into global corporations

This picture can be taken as a schematic representation of evolution from human being (on the left end) to mighty global corporations (on the far/extreme right). Indeed, how much a tiny creature as a human being can consume? The consumerist limitations of the 99% of human beings are a decisive evolutionary disadvantage (which makes them doomed from the perspective of global-corporate evolution). But let’s appreciate the long necks of corporate sauropod – it can easily reach any spot on the planet by a slight effort of the corporate muscle. And their head is tiny (of the size of an American citizen) – of a size of a bite, as the article in New Scientist puts it. The small corporate head with tiny brains promotes their evolution by liberating them from burdensome “democratic” concerns outside minimalist area of gluttonous profit-making.

*The article in “New Scientist” – “The Neck generation” (20 Jul. 2013), is dedicated to the topic of the length of dinosaurs neck, from the evolutionary perspective. But what is especially striking in this article is that its analysis can be easily applied to the recent degradation of American life connected with the overgrowth of corporate power in American politics and decision making (that reflects the “thinking” of corporate CEOs and going against the needs of most Americans). What is evolution for sauropod-corporations with small (purely technical brains) is involution for human beings and human societies.