Mass-cultural Americans Live with a Drastic Deficit in Humanistic College Education and Instead Are Saturated with Mass-cultural Entertainment (Condition Which Without Any Cognitive Dissonance Can Be Combined With Advanced Technical Education)

Mass-cultural Americans are by no means identical with scientific Americans, but they are not necessarily on opposite poles. An Astro-physicist or elemental-particles specialist can simultaneously be mass-cultural person, if s/he doesn’t make a use of humanistic education to permanently bridge professional interests with human and societal life. Mass-cultural Americans do not read scholarly books and either form their opinions through political and ideological propaganda speeches (by people who talk in slang of pre-scholarly subjective common-sense impregnated by passionate and dogmatically structured emotions), or intellectually ignore a whole area of societal life while living their life of work and rest.

Mass-cultural Americans’ heart/soul is formed by their identification with stars of various ready-made skies – religious leaders and preachers, rock-musicians, movie-screen heroes, athletic career achievers and, of course, the bill-mills (billionaires-millionaires). For them the world is addressed by manipulation through working tools and exact formulas, and their practical or techno-scientific professions are about how to “train” nature, world and life to satisfy “human needs”. Mass-cultural Americans can be technical scientists or local workers – they are taught to deal with nature, world or other humans through instrumental actions.

Intense mass-culturization of the American soul started with post-WWII intensification of democratic and anti-militaristic moods among Americans. But this post-war anti-war cheer had substantial semantic limitations – the understanding of war was too emotional, too childishly impatient – it is, as if, democratic pulsation in the country was a matter of sunny air on the street, not of concrete people’s thinking. It looked that the trees and shrubs with their leaves and flowers were participating in a diffused enthusiasm, and a dense smell of money-investments into the peaceful democratic future joined the fiesta. It was a feeling that we had enough death, enough murders and enough destruction and human suffering as a result – that from now on it is time for life, for making a living, not war, for making love. But love is always ignorant about death, it doesn’t want to know about competitive connotations of love, the violent undercurrents inside sex, unconscious manipulative overtones in the beloveds’ treatment of one another. Because of hellishly difficult conditions of survival throughout the history, human psyche is prone to view alternative to war not as responsible life of reasonable moderation, but as a greedy consummation of living – as a life of excesses, of consuming pleasures, which we, who survived those millions who didn’t, as if, had a right to enjoy “for them”. This excess in how alive understand living after war became the nucleus of a perverted perception of what peaceful life should be about. The young people, especially from liberal families, started to build their own world on the American soil – this world was a mass culture – mass art, where the young people were the creators and performers. They did art for their peers, they didn’t care how the elder generation will take their creative twittering.

The most obvious miracle of mass culture – consumerism, entertainment and peer orientation, was that financiers from the elder generation started to financially back it up. The preadolescent children join the happiness, and their parents readily picked up the bills. From the Beatles’ innocent smiles to the microphone, to Michael Jackson famous crotch-touching dance (asserting/proclaiming children’s inalienable right for masturbation) – youthful musical self-realization was rolling like a snow ball hit. Very quickly the prosperous youthful optimism became maniacal consumerism, not well being but sweaty excesses, drug abuse, sexual revolution instead of development of the ability to love the world and other humans, psychological gluttony as a way of life. A new arrogance became part of the mass-cultural ethos, a new megalomania based on pride of consumerist plenitude as a life style – as proof of our advantage as Americans over other nations. Economic globalism joined mass culture, and soon the military-industrial complex became again the central part of the American miracle. Mass culture became a new recruiting tool for new mobilization of competitive and belligerent energies, and entertainment became the confirmation of new American exceptionalism. Hollywood and rock-music become the sub-cultural highway to economic and military globalism.

Technology for mass-cultural Americans (MCAs) today is like Communism was for the Soviets, like belief in ideology of racial superiority was for the German Nazis. MCAs look at technological toys like the Soviets looked at Communist happiness and like German Nazis – at the idea of their domination over the world. MCAs believe that their military technology will dissipate their “envious enemies”, like Soviets believed that they will be saved from the “world of evil” by the super-wisdom of Communism, like German Nazis expected to beat other nations by their racial exceptionalism. Mass culture combined with the ideology of money omnipotence has become radical tool of corrupting the young American’s souls, the fundamental justification for overcoming humility and the need to learn how to treat dissimilar people as equally human.

Now, the American neocon decision makers, while exterminatingly hating the drug-takers and addicts and feeling panic in front of the sexual revolution and feminism, use these “vices” as indicators of superiority of democracy over other countries in their propaganda of “our” exceptional right to subdue and control them. They accept “gay rights” as soon as gays yearn to serve in the military, law enforcement and surveillance apparatus, and they will accept “gay marriages” as longs as gay-spouses are among neocon voters and political activists.

Entertainment forms of thinking about life in society became solid structure inside the brains of the young people who react on the world according to James Bond movies. Humanistic sciences or liberal arts are in a process of being destroyed through limited and non-financing. Psychology and sociology, for example, became disciplines analyzing human beings and behavior without any connection with conditions of life. Without humanistic knowledge and natural proclivity to try to understand human life and destiny, people are losing the ability to be critical – silent adaptation to what decision-makers expect and encourage becomes the only possibility for human beings to continue to live – without existential intelligence.

Mass-culture (or – mass sub-culture) becomes a complex tool for marginalizing and destroying humanistic (scholarly) thinking, and promotes a “thinking” identifying with irrational human complexes and childish-toyish imagination. From childhood we are impregnated with animation cartoon’s depictions of innocent and “funny” violence – when the characters are so violently abused, that according to existential logic they should die, but unexpectedly and victoriously survive. Without this existential experience of watching innocently belligerent cartoons, the American military posture in the world today or relying on privately owned high-tech guns in everyday life could never exist with such a naturalness and a matter-of-factness, as we see it in the 21st century. Violent videogames prepare the population for new wars (when death is as instant as breath, and as much expected as not taken seriously).