A Strategy To Shipwreck Democracy By Overinvesting In Mass Entertainment In Contrast With Drastic Underinvestment in Humanistic Education And Serious Arts

Democracy is first of all respect for and care about demos

After WW2 – the biggest in its ambitions, the most massive in its scale, the most daring in its transgressions, the most expensive and the bloodiest of the wars of human history, it seemed that a prophetic opening in humankind’s destiny appeared on the horizon of the Western countries. It’s, as if, people being struck by the horrors of technologically advanced wars were ready for an alternative world – more positive and collaborative, more culturally and democratically oriented. Only in the U.S. GI Bill, fight for human rights and, finally, the Human Rights Legislation, and, of course, the pressure to end US war in Vietnam by the young Americans who deeply felt the absurdity of the global war pointed to a direction decisively opposite to the old world of animosity, strife and competition for geopolitical dominance. Mass distribution of humanistically-scientific, scholarly books, celebration of American poetry, serious fiction, theater and some intellectually provoking Hollywood films (not numerous but discernible in the sea of entertainment) looked like a premonition of a flowering democracy ahead.

But inside the democratic garden – predatory species of plants and flowers started to become more and more noticeable. They for the first glance looked like belonging to the greenhouse of democracy, but step by step started to consume and suffocate democratic life. These weeds pretending to belong to the democratic verdure produce the giant trunk of Ronald Reagan’s authoritarian charisma, which started his monopolistically oriented pro-wealthy minority project under the hypnotizing slogans and fanfares of protection and promotion of democracy. Democracy became a code-word for anti-democracy.

The strategy to shipwreck democracy wasn’t the creation of a giant monstrous mind imagined by a paranoid imagination. It wasn’t invented by villains from James Bond or financial criminals from “The Saint” TV serial. It was a multifaceted, multicolored dream-plan designed by the profit-worshippers seeking future power over the sunset and sunrise. It was like a synergetic wave of excitement uniting the rich and rich-hopeful desperately searching for a salvation from the democratization of political system. It united the practitioners of moneymaking alchemy and think-tankers in the air-conditioned think-tanks and think-banks. Hopeful marriage of sleazy-slippery entrepreneurship with high-tech financial expertise launched a camouflaged assault on human freedom and dignity under super-freedom and super-dignity banner on the golden pole. Our country was redefined as not great enough. This propaganda assault looked absolutely positive and people’s happiness-oriented. But everything – prosperity, health, country, future and greatness were redefined as the power of big money as an essence of everything in the universe and in this form injected into the population’s slowly and bashfully developing democratic sensibility which quickly became puzzled, disoriented and seduced with perfumed greed and sunny megalomania.

The strategic principle was – over-satisfaction of people’s needs instead of just satisfying them, over-feeding the masses instead of feeding them, shutting them up with consumerist excesses. Oversaturate human dreams, and they will fade away under the burden of their excess – and in this moment put people in front of artificial: robotic drum-dreams, and history will step by step start to fade (technical progress will take the place of its awkward and too eccentric elder brother – humanistic progress). To make democracy addicted to the gluttony instead of keeping it healthy and evolving is much more effective weapon against it than ideological assault on it as it was practiced by traditionally totalitarian systems. People demand food and spectacles. Well, we, creative businessmen, will not repress these desires – if we do it, people will become infuriated and can start a revolution. Instead we will provide them with fake food (for growing fat) and conjured up (artificial) entertainment which will make people to feel super-happy. Food must be oversaturated with caffeine, sugar, fat and enhanced spices. The same in principle will be done with over-agitating entertainment.

This kind of obsessive, abusive over-stimulating consumerist gluttony food and entertainment is training in stupefaction. Instead of helping people to understand the social problems and rationally deal with predicaments of life, the soul-emptying entertainment and technical toys make people dull and kidnap them from the existential system of coordinates. But the goal of producers of bad-cheap food and processed images is not just to mislead and distract us from reality (it could be just an ideological goal), but to make incredible profits by fabricating the irresistible goods (a commercial goal). Commercial interests inevitably have an ideological aspect, like ideology is fed by the excitement of commercial calculation. This “high-tech” combination of commercial calculation and ideological manipulation is a heavenly high-way to unlimited wealth combined with unlimited power. But the success waits only for the rarest breed of those who has a daring to blend criminality and legality – who’re able to polish their crimes and immorality with cream of legalism.

Glamorous sport and pop-music events, cult of superstars and super-guns make consumers super-happy and entrepreneurs super-rich. But those poor conservatives who support Trump with their votes and unconditional admiration are waiting for the magic moment when he and other “masters of life” will call them to the streets to harass, insult, humiliate, beat up, rob and even kill people who’re considered a menace and without the right to human life. And they’re organically unable to understand that their psychological identification with the billionaires and multi-millionaires – their romantic dream about becoming as wealthy is their sentimental imagination. The role of the despotic masters’ servants and bodyguards and haters and torturers of the real people can’t exist without extreme psychological and spiritual misery. It’s like touching the shine of gold and being lethally burned by it.