“Good People” With “Bad Deeds” Conservative/ Neoconservative Agents’ of “Goodness” Sincere Indignation, Pathos Of Righteousness and the “Noble and Justified Hate”

Contemporary corporation has been stuck in adolescent immaturity. Market has become the goal and purpose of life. Here is where evil enters.
Philip Hefner, “The Christian Century”, p. 41, July 19, 2017

Conservative psyche needs to dominate other people, world and situations, but with a particular mannerism – domination is not supposed to be build step by step (with frustrating postponement of the result inevitable if the person looking to dominate is oriented to achieve it in a rational, effective and solid way). But the conservatives need to become dominant quickly and absolutely – by a kind of an “immediate” knockout, by impressing the observers and world by instantly shuffling triumph with blood, shock and praise. This “over-impressive” style of becoming/being dominant tells us not just about the emotional (as opposite of mental) nature of the conservative psyche’s yearnings, but about its unconscious – impulsively anarchic, chaotic and adversary.

Of course, this proclivity of conservative psyche to try to win over the situations quickly, with the intention to shake the opponent and witnesses, doesn’t mean that conservatives can’t be patient and enduring, but their tirelessness is not of the rational – gradually building effect kind, but that of trying to win obviously and big again and again and again. Blitzkrieg approach in the game of dominance fits in the 21st century money-profit occupation not less than military operations.

Cons’ obsession to dominate is, it seems, the result of their unconscious belief in their personal extraordinary worthy nature in comparison with other people and, secondly, of their another belief in the absolute necessity for them to prove this value by some kind of exceptional achievement, which should be socio-morphic and confirm, in front of their society and the world, their exclusive and deserved right to dominate as a dynamite (in military situations) or as dynamo (in financial ones). In comparison with cons, who seek domination always and everywhere, those who’re psychologically distant from domination itch/scratch – who’re interested in other things – for example, in reading scholarly and sometimes philosophical books, and in sharing what they have learned, or in search of intellectual and/or aesthetic self-realization, etc., should, according to conservatives, be ashamed of themselves as inferior and superfluous creatures like a goon without gun or as puny pony. Disinterested people for them are like Herbert Wells’ Eloi in perception of Morlocks.

The domination that conservative psyche tries to achieve publicly and loudly should, according to the cons/neocons, be based on a kind of an internal value which they feels inside themselves like a diamond the size of a human heart, and their task is to demonstrate it to people through proving its existence by super-duper achievement. The conservative desire to dominate, therefore, is based not on one, but on two determinants, internal (inner value of these people’s nature) and external – the need to prove their internal value – their exceptional nature. As we see, conservatives are by no means simplistically crafted, let’s not be too reductive in our assessment. But what can be the value of this giant diamond inside, which, through exceptional action can impress others to such a degree that they then will unconditionally love our super-worthy heroes and register them in a sacred book?

First of all, it is the unconscious remnants of a belief in religious or political ideology, which in the past made the internal diamond of conservative heart look like an awesome code of wisdom, like the very power of god to bless and punish. It’s the very con/neo-con tendency to perceive the world not through thinking about it, but through believing (immediately knowing), what it is. In 21st century neo-cons are still believers, but only in the world they want to have for their own benefit, the world corresponding to their wish to dominate it including other people and nations. Neo-cons believe in the world being secondary to their own “exceptional” existence. They’re believers who believe in their own picture of the world supporting their exploitative and despotic position. They’re believers in their own projections into the world as in objective reality and they’re fully and proudly intend to prove on practice that they are right. Their belief is not “theoretical” at all, it is “applied”, “engineerial”.

But even a more curious point here is that the proof of their exclusivity, according to today’s conservative psyche, should be completely “secular” – it’s the “heroic” action that proves cons/neocons’ internal value. And as we see today, this heroic action is the ability to ultimately belong to the immortal cast of bill-mills (billionaires-millionaires). Many people still think that today’s neo-cons are holistic souls. But for them their internal value must be proved by expansive secular means. Neocons are expansionistic on a global scale – financially – in terms of profit, and militaristically – geographically spreading their domination by military power.

Today, in US it’s the bill-mill prowess – being billionaire/millionaire is a proof that you’re a rarely gifted personality. Simply said, you have to be financially super-sniper-successful if you want to be considered an exceptional person, a possessor of the diamond of heart and soul. All of this could just be a socio-psychological curiosity, if the proof of your aggrandized peculiarity was not a narcissistic proclivity to dominate over others, your own destiny and the world. In the 21st century we are privileged to know that megalomaniacal plutocrats are motivated by trying to prove how incredible they are by using exceptionally strong and effective tools at their disposal – military extra-power and unlimited money – to intimidate, to blackmail, bankrupt, pauperize, destroy, blind and bribe by their shining and sparkling golden glory.

Today neo-cons live in secular, more – in a technologically developed societies, in which the very concept of power over people and social and cultural structures is not what it was in traditional societies. Today, ideology is not enough to have people in rulers’ hands. What is necessary is money as a weapon of domination over your countrymen and other nations. That’s how conservatives became neo-conservatives in a first place. These people’s way of life cannot be separated from their tireless manipulative concentration – they really feel alive when they are calculating effective ways of manipulating others. But manipulative behavior also needs collaborators and helpers – on their way to global success manipulators can help others to become rich – for this reason they’re not short of supporters who by protecting them protect themselves and their dreams of domination over others and super-competence in strategies of financial success. While majority of the people will be victimized by the megalomaniacal despots-charmers, those chosen by money and power are ready to pay terrifying price of losing genuine freedom – moneys have a huge debilitating psychological weight. Money is much heavier than human body.

We return here to the basis of democracy as a humanistic idea – to the freedom of humanity from despotic rulers and their over-powerful phobias and mad obsessions. Today, this freedom is defeated by the despotism of the most despotic of rulers – its majesty money-profit with the crown of the Golden Calf. And too many Americans lie on their knees and forehead in front of this crown.