(Totalitarian) Mythologization vs. (Democratic) De-mythologization as Different Ways of Perceiving Reality

We all have grown on pompous and beautiful myths. And we continue to react on them with tears of frustrated but still alive hope and with tireless need for unconditional believing. Our minds grow from irrationality like the adult from the child, like sobriety and skepticism from credulousness and utopian dreams. Human minds are still impregnated with impatient irrationality like adulthood with childhood.

We are good not only at following myths which have already been created but in creating new myths – as conservative and inertial creatures we feel well when we eat and digest myths, dress in them like the naked Emperor from Andersen’s tale, and use them as pillows and blankets. Our future is always our past make-upped into seemingly new. Our power is always made out of our weakness, and our smartness out of our stupidity.

In totalitarian countries the situation is simpler – even when their ideology looks fresh and new – as Russian Communism, German Nazism or American neo-conservatism/economic neo-liberalism, it always smells with archaic search for power and control over other people, over labor and consumers, over markets and money. The situation with American liberalism of post-WW2 is much more complicated and controversial (undecided?). American liberals looked so reasonable with their rational aversion to outright fight for material gains and they were so popular then, that American conservative energies (looking to form and shape the world and other people according to conservatives’ interests), for a while, not for too long, had to muffle itself. And they found an excellent hiding place – in compulsive industrialization, electronization and technotronization, in obsessive profitization, in unlimited consumerism and mass culture (culture for sale), in pseudo-prosperity and gilded dreams of becoming rich as glitch and wealthy as a stealthy bomber.

What was always feeding the desire to have unconditional power over others – to be the leaders of the masses, to be the arch-commanders of the military, to be higher in social hierarchy, to make decisions in the name of the people, to control the present and future of the country you are born in, now in 60-70’s, in front of genuine democratic tendencies toward equality and people’s participation in macro-decision-making – for a while retreated into the seemingly innocent desire to be just personally rich and wealthy, nothing more than this “universal” private aspiration. Money took the place of social power – money-power took the place of direct power; power as if became invisible, looked dissolved in money like sentinel in fog. Social power as if melted into money power to hide that money is by no means politically neutral at all, but rather the most effective tool of power ever created in Earthly life. For a while money pretended that it is political virgin. And everybody loves virgins (everybody wants to be the first and the only – to be Bull Heights or at least Trumpet Trump). This camouflage was successful in deceiving the American masses not because they are stupid but because they have the same dreams as the rich – not only the dream of becoming rich-richer-richest but the dream to represent their financial achievements as a result of individual efforts and hard work which have nothing to do with political or even just social power. Money-doll was dressed as a personal hobby.

By masking itself as a political hymen, money during the liberal post-WW2 decades looked as pure as a country girl, and “liberal” Hollywood stars and the “sensitive” pop-musicians took it as a play-girl, and this belief helped them to make more and more money on children and youth dreaming to orgasmically dissolve in the sweet visual or audible images of pop-success.

It took a political rock-King of money-as-power Roinald Reigun to deflower the American consciousness – to proudly and loudly proclaim that money is real political power (and is freedom of speech and thinking, humanity’s blue blood, noble human essence par excellence and the ultimate inspiration for the human mind and heart). At this point of American history of 20th century one last problem to crack was pop-American perception that SRussia (Soviet Russia) is a real politico-economic alternative to American money-power elite’s way of thinking, not as it really was, more crude and raw version of it. Political simple-mindedness of SRussian dissidents and the gross naiveté of “noble savage” Muchail Grobachov made this task of American moneyed elite (to explain to earth and sky that there is no alternative to them as leaders of human history) not too difficult to achieve.

After the “fall” of SRussian style of ruling over population (Communist leaders were not as rich as the American ones and were more interested in direct power, not power through money, while their children already the got taste for more reliable and more sophisticated power-through-money), the international super-highway was opened to an unconstrained globalization of money-power of American coinage throughout whole world. But for money-bosses it still took more than two decades to start to openly declare that democracy is socialism, that Social Security, Medicaid and Medicare are “unconstitutional”, to righteously put millions of Americans out of work (while calling them greedy and lazy) in preference for the Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, etc. labor, and to intensify anti-union campaign following the Soviet Communists who long ago made independent unions illegal in their “socialist” country.

New myths of “global economy”, “economic shock therapy”, “austerity measures”, etc. entered the Throne Room of human agile credulity and ignorant optimism. But people with genuine democratic sensibility and enough education to recognize the brutal nakedness of the new monarchy of money-power – let it all happen because they are too “smart” to risk their personally prosperous life if they will talk too loudly in solid solidarity with one another.