About 50% of the adults have chronic diseases, then about 50% of adolescents can be diagnosed with some kind of mental illness. Millions of children take psychiatric medication because they have problematic behavior. 40% of pregnant women experience post-partum depression which influences the stress hormones that can be traced in the infants’ psychological and physical condition.
Dr. Gabor Mate

A king is about to go off to war; he orders a portrait of his favorite. He takes the picture of it, covers the portrait with kisses, worships it, and speaks to it as to his absent mistress: this king is a fine man. All decent people will approve of him. But when he returns from the campaign, he finds the beloved less beautiful than the portrait. He neglects her, locks himself up for hours, kisses the picture of the face more and more often and the flesh-and-blood face less and less often. A fire breaks out in the castle, the painting is burned to ashes. The king then goes back to the favorite, he visits her more frequently, he takes her in his arms, contemplates her: but what he found in her is not her real smile or the real color of her blue eyes; it is her disappointing resemblance to the painting. At this point, right-thinking people are astonished: “The king,” they say “is quite mad.” No, he is not mad, he has become evil.
Jean-Paul Sartre, “Saint Genet”, 1963

Many people have unexpectedly found themselves in a psychological trap-Trump of non-differentiation between becoming mad and becoming evil. It’s too easy to mix these two conditions, more exactly, too easy to melt into them together simultaneously – thinking that you are may be just “crazy”, while in reality you are already feeding with all your passions evil itself. Indeed, how to differentiate the obsession with madness and obsession with evil? Madness and evil both are similarly obsessive, but madness is more “private” like money – it tends to be like intra-family imbalances, while evil is more social with extensive consequences. A thief, grifter or a hoodlum at least have a narrow social space – their obsession is “shared” with their victims.

The difference between madness and evilness makes Hillary Clinton, who is author of an interesting book and competent user of intelligent language, not only appeared as mad but… evil person in miniature – when she allowed herself to make an extremist remark about the terrifying person – Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi after he was gunned down – a mad joke on her part – “We came, we saw (“we” here means “Americans”) and he died!” In this moment Hillary was not only mad but the carrier of the evil. For an experienced person like she who understands and knows how to talk elegantly it is even beyond indecency to say something like this.

Another example is when Barack Obama (promoter of killer drones) solemnly proclaimed – “I believe in American exceptionalism”. Exceptional people with exceptional tasks from exceptional countries can allow themselves to do things which are not allowed to others. Exceptional people have rights which nobody else has. US is an exceptional country – there is no country comparable to US. We are not like everybody else. Mr. Obama reasserts this inequality between people and between countries. Very bad for democrat and for democracy. US is better than God with his creation!

But for every “great achievement” as soon as human hands are involved – there will be a price to pay – wild hurricanes, fires, storms, floods, droughts, twisters, poisoned air and water. Even God’s creation is not without its price – animals (including human ones) kill other animals that include humans. Giant armies are killed by competing armies. More people will be killed by even more effective weapons. And more children will be killed by the sophisticated hands of human barbarians.

But the barbaric Rump-crump will continue to fight (while breaking laws) for money and power – just to be ahead and above his competitors. Even on his last steps he’ll continue to shout hateful slogans and calculate his profits and bizarre caprices. Even with last breath he’ll collect the signs of sentimental love from his illiterate hoodlum-admirers (with high-tech machine guns on the streets) who are ready to kill for the sake of their greedy boss.