Poetry As Anthropology Of Human Beings As Signifiers


I am a man: little do I last

And the night is enormous.

But I look up:

The stars write.

Unknowing I understand:

I too am written,

And at this very moment

Someone spells me out.

Octavio Paz

Already trees and plants feel the light of the stars. And animals see stars as we do; only they don’t have a time to cathect them – to project themselves on them. Of course, we, humans also don’t have much time, but we are able to think about stars by the very excess of our emotional sensitivity. Fascinated excitement compresses time. Is the light of the stars as sensitive as tentacles of our perception, or they are like earthly animals?

Stars existed before Earth. They are written for the brotherhood of those who live and die, and intended for the literacy of being alive with knowledge of death. The language of stars is simpler and more complicated than human languages. It is less vain and more universal. And it’s wiser – it survives many deaths – it survives many times.

Oh, this miserable need to interpret the writings of galaxies and stars with our astrological curiosity, to try to mix with the giants, with gods, to use them for our fears. It is like to believe in the paradise of eternity waiting for our earthly death in order to “compassionately” undo it with a magic trick. To believe in eternity is like trying to settle in the very longevity of stars, to transform them into the warm womb of our sunny days.

Creation writes sentences of galaxies with words of stars. Stars write planets, planets – us, and we – stars and planets. We, although illiterate, are part of the cosmic literacy. Language of the stars develops itself, from the signifier of non-being to signifier of life to still another signifier of life – through the rhythmic pauses of death – of galaxies, stars, planets, the tiny mortal creatures as we are who are able to look at the sky.

I look up – the written stars write me looking at them. They understand why I am looking at them, as they look at the other stars and other galaxies.