What happened on January 6, was a violent street crime that resulted in five fatalities, property smashed and damaged, and many assaults by those who broke into the Capitol… Nobody knows what Trump will try to do on his way out.
Ralph Nader

Trump advances

Like the pathological cult of Stalin/Dzhugashvili in Soviet Union a not less extreme cult of Trump in USA has managed to transform the brains of some Americans into aromatic chewing gum. These people stopped to be patriots – and instead they have become worshippers of their top-pop leader Donald Trump.

The person with a bulging eyes we see in this photograph is among the mob rushing to achieve a goal their beloved leader put in front of them – to vandalize and loot the Capitol building of American Congress.

Here, we see one of Trump’s loyalists in the apotheosis of his glory and feeling himself too comfortable in the office of the Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. He is, perhaps, planning to sleep there for the night with dreaming about self-admiring physiognomy and bravado words of his “master”.

The situation here is even more “celebrative”. The hoodlum has undressed to his underwear right in the Chamber of the House where members of Congress usually debate and legislate Laws. More, he is proudly displaying his muscles.

Here we see a cheerful vandalism of breaking into the Capitol – destroying furniture and shattering windows to emphasize that the congressmen and senators are vulnerable to the power of Trump’s supporters.

What a lucky day for the brazen thieves – to steal from United States government building – papers, computers and precious relics so they can brag in drunk laughter with their buddies.

The readers are invited to decipher what is written on this bandit’s t-shirt.

Democracy is stronger than Trump and his followers. After Wednesday, 6th 2021 we, contrary to what the photo claims, can proudly say that Trump has not won. Democratic life is difficult but Democracy is still alive.