This is a full frontal face of a warrior after being blown up and burned by warfare technology and then restored through the help of medical technology in parallel with the military one. His eyes still appear alive. He obviously can see the world. His lips seem to be moving, and we, as if, can even hear him saying something. Yes, he is talking…

In his semi profile his eyes seem excited, even frightened, as if, looking back, remembering what he saw when a wave of firestorm hit and “embraced” his head. It’s, as if, he still sees the time when he was saying something to the scorching hell engulfing and surrounding him.

The profile is the most “monumental” and less humanly expressive – less soft than the other angles of the warrior’s face. His eyes are kind of semi-dead while his cheekbone and jaw are still stubbornly athletic.

The resilience of the human flesh is still astonishing. The survivor of a badly scared face, burned down to the bone is, as if, trying again and again to assert that he is alive, he is and communicates in spite of everything. Even the disfigured tortured left eye, as if, wants to see though it’s monstrously pulled apart.

When it’s impossible to avoid war – when the enemy overwhelms us with a planned sudden attacks, there is no choice for us but to defend our peace and resist to the very end. But what is especially, profoundly immoral is frivolous “offensive” wars of attacking, destroying and killing by the logic of hate and blind and proud ambition. Frivolous wars are result of financial greed and smiling megalomania. It’s not militancy itself that drives frivolous wars, but our self-aggrandizement – the desire to prove to the world and to the skies our superiority. And today we are living through the times of blind and absolutist self-aggrandizement. The rich manipulators will no longer tolerate and put up with the poor, some of whom still have some self-respect and the rights given to them during the democratic period in USA. The rich who are already trained in hating and lying – soon will hate and lie even more and they are ready to start arresting, torturing and murdering the Democrats and everybody who dares to democratically oppose them. The wealthy conservatives on top supported by criminal mobs mobilized against the poor and their children will start to unleash their “talents” mocking, insulting, intimidating, harassing, attacking and violating. We should never forget what frivolous wars between nations and inside the country are – wars of self-enrichment, wars for total domination.