Pablo Picasso, “Petals of Thinking”…

It is not only that she has turned away from the world to a closed “consultations” with her loyal palm isolating her from the surrounding space. The point is that she is continuing to look at the world – she continues to be with the world not to lose contact with it even though she is frustrated by it. Perhaps the warm palm of her left hand consoles her, and maybe, it is what makes her to still be with the world, in spite of what has happened.

Her body is in darkness, and it’s only her palm, as if, pulls her face toward the light. But the very origin of light is going from the down – from the woman’s very body which she covers with the sheet by her right arm-and-hand. Her left breast is touched by this light while her right eye is still partially touched by darkness. But the woman’s left eye and her chin are completely on the side of life and light.

The future baby inside her is the origin of woman’s hope in spite of her grief and her hesitations. It is the very vitality of her heart lightening up her face, her eyes and giving power to her left hand to keep her alive and strong. Her fingers sculpt her lips. It is her heart – the light of life that will pierce the monotonously black sky over woman’s head and, may be, eventually lighten the sun. But the man who made the heroine of this Picasso’s painting doubly abandoned and whom she, probably, still loves, will dissolve into the darkness of her grief.

Hesitation between face and profile – between the woman’s right and left eyes is the contrast between her eyes in despair and hope – a matter of her choosing life and the world or surrender to temporarily to capricious males as a fetish. As we see, Picasso doesn’t give this young woman much choice. It is her femininity of life and generosity that will win.