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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

How The Artist Becomes An Admirer, Defender And A Representative Of Nature Balthus, “The Golden Days”, 1944 – 1946 Is the heroine of this painting a disgusting dirty little creature trying to seduce the honest worker, probably hired by her parents, to fix the fire-place? How dares she with her vain self-adoration try to distract […]

Alain Resnais’ And RWF’s Two Films As Repercussions And Variations Of Each Other Eccentricities, Banalities And Creative Potential Of Heterosexual And Homosexual Libido __________ Sudden enigmatic meeting is love’s first strike In the castle of baroque décor X is looking for somebody. Does he really know for whom? Or, may be, he just wants to […]

The Waves Of Cognitive Breakthroughs Vs Tormenting Tears Of Desperate Compassion Otto Dix, “Nietzsche”, 1912 Dix’s sculpture of Nietzsche’s head is a depiction of swarming clusters of intense metaphorical transformations characterizing through the mutual imaginative echoing the philosopher-poet’s perception of the world of humankind’s destiny. Nietzsche’s bust is a combination of a strong head and […]

Cosmic Plant-like Creatures With Hearts As Flowers Of Love And Budding Sexual Organs My star is a hibiscus flower Jean Cocteau Roberto Matta, “Stars of the Garden” In our universe the stars (boiling deaths) are like faraway pools of energy feeding (with itself) the planetary wombs. But Matta makes us imagine a sky not as […]

A Grandma And Her Grandchildren Are So Different In Their Critical Sensitivity Towards High-tech Weapons And Contamination Of The Earth, Nature And Life In Comparison With The Elegant Or Crude Philistines In Kurosawa’s “Rhapsody in August” And the boy a rose did see, a rose standing in the field blossoming in innocence, awed by the […]

Marcel Duchamp, “Fresh Widow” 1, (1920) Marcel Duchamp, “Fresh Widow” 2, (1920) The innocently ironic syntagma “fresh widow” includes contradiction and even controversy. It’s at least tactless to call a widow who just lost her husband a freshly widowed woman. The grief connected with a fact of finding oneself deprived of the spouse conventionally demands […]

An Innocent, Almost Darwinian Roots of Philistinism Balthazar Klossowski/Balthus’ “The Street”, 1933 Balthus’ “The Street” is a kind of a puppet theater separated by a blink of an eye from becoming tableau vivant which in the next moment – the puppet-master’s manipulative action – animates itself again and immediately after freezes again. Balthus’ painting, as […]

When Moral Dirt of The Socio-Economic Life (While Partially Neutralized by Compensatory Consumerism And Entertainment) Is Dumped Into People’s Internal World We feel motivated only by our social role, because the sensual life is more and more anorexic, more and more virtualized. We experience a desensualization of our life because we are so obsessed by […]

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