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Weblog opens discussion about the psychology of Bushmerican style of behavior.

Life of Artist as a Human Being P. Picasso, “The Three Ages of Man”, 1942 One of the most horrifying wars in the history of humankind awakens Picasso to the problem of human essence in an artist more than the ordeals he was observing in life. For Picasso brooding over the question of what is […]

There are two kinds of portraits – external and internal, one is – oriented on facial features and the other in contrast is oriented on representation of the personal soul (on the inner world) of the model. The first type of portraits are dedicated to the analysis of external or the surface features of the […]

Momo’s Milieu – People Who Contributed to Momo’s Childhood With Their Souls Momo was abandoned from very early on by his mother-prostitute and father-petti thief. Here, we see Madame Rosa counting the remnants of money which parents paid for their children in her care. Often some parents disappear for months or just showed up when […]

This ferocious drawing – “The Murder” is executed in a traumatic period of Picasso’s life. The two figures in the drawing are meant to represent – Marie-Therese Walter (the victim) and Olga Khokhlova (the assailant). Pablo Picasso’s Drawing “The Murder/Le Meurtre” (1934) Violence touches or impregnates numerous spheres of human life. It can be direct […]

Eden Mary Cassatt Mary Cassatt, “Mother and Daughter” Mary Cassatt, “Mother and Child” Mary Cassatt, “Motherhood”, 1890 Banished from Eden Emil Nolde Emil Nolde, “Adam and Eve Banished from Paradise” (confrontation with reality) The Lucky Pieces of the Eden Ernst Ludwig Kirchner Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, “Moments of Paradise in the Middle of a Prosaic Life” […]

Neocons Want to Conserve History In Their Pockets – In Fish cans They always ruled over history. They nurtured and increased their power and wealth throughout human history – those Kings, Dukes, Commanders, Leaders, Bosses, Deciders, billionaires, etc. And they want to continue to accumulate and amass their power and wealth forever. That’s why they […]

About 50% of the adults have chronic diseases, then about 50% of adolescents can be diagnosed with some kind of mental illness. Millions of children take psychiatric medication because they have problematic behavior. 40% of pregnant women experience post-partum depression which influences the stress hormones that can be traced in the infants’ psychological and physical […]

Trump, probably, doesn’t even know the great American tradition of recognizing the White House as the people’s house and a place where the President resides only do to the generosity, gratitude and respect of the American people. By isolating the White House from the people Trump forgets that he is living there temporary, that the […]

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