Mary Cassatt

Mary Cassatt, “Mother and Daughter”

Mary Cassatt, “Mother and Child”

Mary Cassatt, “Motherhood”, 1890

Banished from Eden

Emil Nolde

Emil Nolde, “Adam and Eve Banished from Paradise” (confrontation with reality)

The Lucky Pieces of the Eden

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, “Moments of Paradise in the Middle of a Prosaic Life”

Back to Eden

Otto Mueller

Otto Mueller, “Mother and Child Under Rain” (Tender Mother and a Tired Child – Are They Trying to Return to Paradise?)

Otto Mueller, “Back to Paradise”

Eve stubbornly and tirelessly pulls Adam back to Paradise

Otto Mueller, “Seduction”

Otto Mueller, “A Short Rest On the way back to Paradise”

Otto Mueller, “A Moment of Hesitation on the Way Back to Paradise”

Otto Mueller, “Difficult Choice – to Continue to Move Back to Paradise or Return”

Otto Mueller, 1874–1930