What Are the Criteria of the Value of Human Beings in U.S. at the Beginning of 21st Century?

Envy - Who Has More Power and Wealth?

Our country is changing. It was a democratic pluralism once when dissimilar people could live together and were positive about their difference and personal uniqueness. Civil religion (religion of civility and politeness) was an ideal of everyday life. Versatility of life styles, tastes and opinions was a sign of a genuine democracy as a political equivalent of biodiversity in nature.

But starting with Roinald Reignan (Ronald Reagan) versatility of ways of life and interests became less and less of a value in comparison with what level of social hierarchy a person has managed to belong to and how much money he/she has succeeded to make. Personal wealth and socio-political power became more important than the human personality, identity, character, morals and tastes. The rich worship wealth. The poor worship rich. Servility in front of the power of wealth has ontologically exhausted and emptified the rich. The poor became tormented by jealousy (they also want to meet their lucky chance).

Only fresh emigrants talk about how close they’re to their American citizenship. But today Americans permanently measure their distance from the grand success. You can over-hear people trying to out-brag each other about how much money they make or will make, and if nothing to boost about then they start to complain with resentment and hate. People admire and hate the rich at the same time, and this tears them apart and rips off their heart. Today almost everybody is an emigrant from life into the search for enrichment, for the golden sun of money power.

When the object of people’s dedication becomes too strong – stronger than their life in its wholeness and the meaning of this life, it deforms human being into a blob of ugliness we see in Paul Klee’s etching. Grace is a result of freedom from bowing in front of power. Ugliness ultimately is the absence of grace. Bowing in front of what is stronger, worshipping power is what makes people ugly.

The title of Paul Klee’s drawing – “Two Men Meet Each Other Supposing the Other to Be of Higher Rank”, can be today supplemented with other one – “Two Men Meet Each Other Supposing the Other Is Making More Money or Has More Wealth”. From excessive bowing they became like hunchbacks. What are they storing in their artificial hunches? – Their ambition to become richer than others.

The question for the readers:
Whom can the two little flowers at the feet of each man symbolize?