Dark Mold Of Violence (Stalin’s Russia) And Primitive Greed of Idolatrous Profit-makers Who Pauperize Democracy (Today’s US)

The neocons with neo-liberal money-making style don’t have any ideas or concepts. With their primordial self-centeredness they have only desire to increase their personal profits and multiply high-tech weapons in the country’s military force and personal guns in the hands of their worshippers among the poor. Democratic politicians who have “discussions” with them don’t even understand that only their democratic side has the arguments, inferences, logic, syllogisms, etc. – the neo-cons are occupied only with accumulating their wealth and fighting to protect what “they already accumulated and what they plan to get more”. And they perceive their opponents not just as people having different points of view on life, but as evil-carriers dreaming to deprive them their wealth and weapons. They see the world only in one perspective – how much profits and weapons they can accumulate around themselves.

Look at Klee’s “demony” – at demonic emanation which swallows nature, human and social life, at these primal creatures with predatory eyes, mouths and jaws.

Paul Klee, “Demony”, 1939 (The Dark Mold of violence and greed contaminating life)

Almost ten years passed after the Russian civil war and a horrifying mass hunger in some regions of the country, but for the majority of the people it was still possible to somehow live. Russia was already Soviet Russia, but people still tried to survive. The cows, the goats, pigs and vodka were still Russian. But the very atmosphere of life step by step became impregnated with, as if, pressure in the air – with intimidation and fear. People always like to exchange their opinions about life – is it tolerable, unbearable, ok and the gradations in between, but now people started to shut their mouths – on the streets, in the streetcars, even at home. The reason was a new extreme ideology as absolutist belief, mandatory as a military service. It was belief in a new God, this time – not Christ, not Church, not Tsar, not Lenin and not life after death in paradise, but a new ideology demanding absolute belief in – Communism, Socialism and Stalin (leader made of steel) and super-alert necessity to report even smallest skepticism about new God in steal. It took him until 1937 to get ready for mass terror – for mass arrests of the people suspected in not believing in the new iconic ideological phraseology. So, millions of people become inhabitants of austere barracks (accused in being anti-Stalin – ripped away from their families and children) – doing physical labor without any pay and any hope for redemption. Most of them perished before Stalin’s death, many were released after his death. And some of them, after return from the concentration camps were still… praising Stalin for his admirable strength of a god to demand from population more enthusiastic belief in communism. Totalitarian leaders are popular because they are as culturally illiterate as masses uneducated in humanistic sciences.

“Daemonie” or “demony” of Stalin’s henchmen tormenting, torturing and killing those who dared to disagree (even jokingly and ephemerally) with the despotic leadership of the shining aura of top leaders’ self-confidence and rightness was growing like Klee depicts it. The genius of the artist found the visual elaboration of this dangerous virus of demony poisoning the human life. The name of this “daemonie virus” is the raveningly harassing and swallow (disappear) people who are not loyal to the despotic god of human authoritarianism with totalitarian sweep.

It has been less than forty years since Ronald Reagan, with hurrah of conservative money- and power-worshippers and perversely cowardly supported by many democrats took course on transforming democracy into an oligarchy. And only a little more than two years are behind since a person who lives just for money and power began his presidency and a democratic country started to forget about the demos – about caring for regular people and has started to participate in the creation of a bombastic cult of bill-mills – billionaires-millionaires. Now the American financial elites fell in love with their counterparts in other countries while the ordinary Americans and people of the world are losing their standards of living.

The people of power plagued by “demony” are psychologically underdeveloped – their basic relation to the world is the need to appropriate, control and expand their territorial space. But on the lands they bought or conquered it’s not easy to completely eliminate the local population. It’s necessary to brainwash and transform people into servants of masters and technology. There is no place for humanistic education – for the knowledge of life and history. Instead people are overwhelmed with cheap standard entertainment. Like in USSR so called humanistic education was in reality a propaganda of Soviet way of life based on the belief in Sovietism, in US today entertainment distracts people from the possibility of thinking based on knowledge of life and respect for nature and the world. Consumerism of technical toys hypnotizing human souls and medical pills stupefying human brains helps entertainment to make populations to forget about human freedom oriented on developing moral sensitivity and existentially spiritual concerns.

There are many ways towards death – through life’s mistakes, through sudden disasters and unexpected traumatic events, through hell created for punishment, through paradise created by personal money, through self-sacrifice for the sake of political leader or a loved general, through irresistible sins and vices, through a love which has taken a destructive turn, etc. But the most absurd and radical way to die is to worship idols the strongest of which is the immortal and long ago discovered golden calf. The overwhelming power of the golden calf gives the idolatrous person the most tormenting death through a prolonged (or soon made endless through technology) life bought by money. In the beginning the idolatrous billionaires will enjoy immortality, but with each and every decade their living will become more and more tormented with a stinging and humiliating boredom, and here the idol-worshippers will demand a super-technology already not for prolonging life but for providing death – a technology stronger than immortality! Even today’s high-tech nuclear weapons by its very destructive power exist already not so much for protecting wealth, power and life but to save the wealthy and the powerful from life.

Paul Klee, “Demony”, 1939 (poison is gradually eating away the social life by pauperizing people with its blind obsession with wealth and power).

Look attentively at these deprived – simultaneously miserable and mightily destructive creatures with bodies of the dark mold.