Consequences of American Political Halloween on Nov 2 Midterm Congressional Elections

American pedagogy of cultural illiteracy took several decades to succeed. Gradual but steady cuts in humanistic education on college level, elimination of jobs for liberal arts graduates, more and more loose educational process in the public and private schools, and the bombardment of children and the youth with entertainment have finally started to produce political results – the scandalous popularity of mentally deficient and an emotionally disturbed president during the first eight years of 21st century, and the conservative takeover in midterm elections of 2010. From Bushfeld and Cheneywitz to Stara Perlin we move to the new starlets of the revolution from democracy to financial totalitarianism.

Cultural incompetence corresponds to intellectual crudeness and labile need for quick emotional satisfaction – the inability to postpone emotional pleasure. Only a systematic education can train emotions to wait until thinking will signal that it has reached understanding. Without the arduous experience with books our emotional batteries are in a condition of, as if, premature ejaculation. The speeches and interviews of the newly elected extra-conservative politicians can be textbook examples of this basic emotional problem. They think too quickly even when they talk slowly. And all the time they produce blasting semantic effects – they are as if bursting logic into its splinters. Their thinking is, as if, permanently in a suicide belt that goes off. Their ideas are like pieces of meaning that they just blew up. And their audiences enjoy the fireworks. In their unconscious, the triumphing illiterates are blasting, together with the logic, the liberal intellectual elite, and this is for them damned pleasurable.

But to be like this means to transform the scrupulous demands of (meaningful) thinking and the necessity to tirelessly collect tiny berries of facts – into a ready made sweet fat tart of pure emotional pleasure. Why not to blast adulthood like a balloon? It‘s not completely new for pop-Americans. From childhood they see how mass-culture of playing and consumption do this every day. Americans from infancy on identify with cartoon characters and superheroes. They are made to feel that they, the carriers of freedom/prosperity and the consumers of the world, are ahead of other nations, and that nature and the world in general is their playground.

And here comes a period of a growing unemployment, financial collapse and mass pauperization. If to give a child a giant toy and then take it away, the child’s frustration and fury will be a giant too. That’s what happened with Americans today. Their anger for loosing childhood – the toy paradise of mass culture created during liberal period, can only to a small degree be channelized by invented wars and spurious patriotism. Children become shocked by the adulthood that has fallen on them like a rock from the sky. And they look for scapegoats around them to release their anger and get a quick satisfaction from the feeling that they have acted upon the “problem”. The language of political propaganda is the language of commercial advertisement. It is the language of the average American; it is the vocabulary and phraseology people learned from the simplistic plots of animation cartoons, Hollywood entertainment and TV soaps.

Around the midterm congressional elections, conservative propaganda directed all this psychological background (sewn by entertainment) into the real life and the political process. Mass culture has preserved and has cultivated the totalitarian psychological reflexes (intolerance towards dissimilarity and righteously violent emotions towards the personifications of evil) for decades (by keeping it inside the imaginary [entertainment]) until the time came to put it to use and apply it to life. The Westerns’ Wild West, James Bond’s series’ megalomania and paranoia, Rambo-like revengeful despair, and action movies with robotic battlefield scenes have developed into a mass mania of violent video-games only to spill over today into real life in a form of diffused irritation and sentimental animosity. Desublimated eroticism of “sexual freedom” is ready to join the paranoid and sadistic proclivities in “creative” combinations with them.

Despair, revenge and destruction (combined with agitation) become the everyday reality of American life while the top two percents of the population grow their profits and property and wallow in tax-payers’ money like dung beetles in manure heaps.