Torture of a human being is for torturer like a sunrise

Torturing a human being for a fascist is like getting a license of a super-hero

Torture of a human being for a fascist is like a guarantee of Eternal Life

The President, Bishop and Duke (on the left) celebrate the beginning of a punishment for those who while living in “Salo” – “fail” to behave according to expectations. On the right we see the senior torturers ready to start the orgy of retribution.

The young fascists are learning the feeling of power and superiority over their victims.

Primitive (by today’s standards) electric chair is ready to be turned on. To the right we see a Senior Guard ready to activate the electricity, the President and the Duke. In the background we see the next victim – blond girl. Of course, she is not waiting for her turn to be tortured – is she hopping that somehow her destiny will spare her?

The President (Aldo Valetti – to the right) and his entourage of senior guards are preparing to burn Renata’s nipples

Franco (Franco Merli) has been put through a procedure named (by multinational cast of hired torturers) – mock execution.

The murderers are in the process of slashing Franco’s tongue. “Justification” for this is that Franco, besides getting a girl-friend, dared to discuss with her how to run away together from the camp.

The procedure of burning some areas of the human body. On the left we can easily recognize the back of… the President presiding over the event.

Here the fascist leaders’ game is to “jokingly” tease the youngsters like dogs by offering them pieces of food and then taking it away only to offer it again and again. The “pedagogical” idea here is that the victims learn to impersonate dogs.

Another fascist self-entertainment – victims are supposed to learn not just how to eat dog’s food, but how to exactly imitate the very manner of dogs eating. O, some fascists have their own philosophical perspectives – “the obedient dog becomes a man, the disobedient man becomes a dog”.

Fascist leaders (alerted by “secret information” about the natural amorous attraction between boys and girls in the “school”) rush to the dormitory to stop the disgusting heresy of spontaneous love and dreams of living beyond the despotic “commandments” of fascist wisdoms.

Fascists having fun feeding their young captives with food with small nails hidden inside it

Renata (in a wedding gown) and Sergio (to her right arm) are among many killed in “Salo”. Fascist mentality (despotic and self-centered) destroys not only human beings (including human souls), but the meaning of human nudity making humans god-like creatures. “To discover god’s image in yourself one has to be naked or a beggar.” But fascist posture vis-à-vis the world transforms human nudity into object for consumption (and simultaneously shame), into a human vice, and being poor into criminality, while human body made into Jack in the box of money-making.

Fascist leaders of Salo sometimes like to observe torture (from the comfort of their private rooms) through miniature binoculars.

“Are you afraid? You’re an idiot if you think that death would be so easy. We intent to kill you and those who are like you a thousand times – to the end of eternity, if eternity has an end”


To make people die during torture (not after it) is especially exciting for the fascists.