The Duke is damn right – real equality is incompatible with what he calls “true happiness”. But what is concretely a true happiness for the fascist Duke? It is a situation when people like him are unconditionally above those who are under him by their place in social hierarchy – those who provide him extra happiness by the price of depriving themselves with even minimum of being happy. The Duke is happy because unhappy people keep him in “true happiness”. In Salo the happy Duke practically possess tens and tens of young people of both sexes who serve his delights, not to mention the servants, workers, security guards, etc. Indeed, only inequality makes the Dukes “truly happy” – the underprivileged majority.

Pretentious philosophizing is innocent pleasure for those who are hierarchically (socially) strong and wealthy. Here we see how the despotic and capricious leader of Salo camp is paying tribute to sodomy as an act of human free will as an experience of absolute self-realization. The reason is not so much self-assertion beyond reproduction, but the issue of absolute domination when another human being, woman or man allows the richer and more powerful one to dominate her or his will. It’s like the gate of paradise opens to the dominant person’s caprice.

Yes, indeed, to occupy a privileged place in society is the ultimate satisfaction for people poisoned by the genes of and irresistible obsession with privileges (over others) as a rudimentary, essential and basic form of corruption.

The subtle pleasure, Mr. Duke (Paolo Bonacelly) is talking about is exactly what the privileged people get from the oppressed who because of their pauperization and poverty have lost their self-respect and only dream about happy serving their masters.

The Duke and his company can, indeed, afford humor which is relaxing them after a prosperous over-satisfaction.

The essence of total domination over human beings is not only in controlling human mind and human soul, but in dominating human body. Slave owners understood it very well. When people serve you voluntarily, not only when they agree with you because you successfully brainwashed them, but when they surrender the most stubborn part of their being – their bodies, you can completely relaxed and feel yourself like a god invincible in your own world. That’s why body is so important. Only if you have crushed the bodily stubbornness you are the gloriously ultimate despot. It is here comes the importance of sexuality and the importance of torture. Real, ultimate power starts with Duke’s “Should we examine them closer? Undress! Show me what your body can do for me”.