The fascist Presidente (Aldo Valetti) shows his friends that he cares about the children’s’ morality-immorality issue – “Don’t tell about my misdeeds in front of innocent children whom we need to protect from the truth until the proper time”.

The fascist Bishop – Giorgio Cataldi (the picture on top) is irritated by his young victim who is being tortured by the guard in the camp of Salo: “Idiot, you are afraid that we’ll mess you up? You are dying of fear. You don’t know that we want to kill you 1000 times. So, we are not rushing. Get it? You are in our hands to the limit of eternity if eternity could have a limit.”

Torture in Salo is a warming up prelude to a group rape

Signora Vassari (Helene Surgere) is proud of the emancipated excellence of fascist Women

Signora Castelli (Caterina Borato) having a good time giving stories about torturing women

Bishop’s unleashed misanthropic fury

President (Aldo Valetti) likes to humiliate and torture women alone, face to face

Obviously stupid innocence of fascist jokes is not without meaning

The President (Aldo Valetti) likes to expose his naked rump for a dynamic public viewing – he is a buttock exhibitionist. For him human (superhuman) buttocks are always invitingly smiling (here, President’s face is impersonating his buttocks). The point here is that kiss by buttocks for the Presidente (in reality not that of the leader of the country, but of a super-prosperous bank) is the sweetest experience (so he claims) waiting for the always wandering human penis.

President’s buttocks are invited to a cheerful dinner. The Duke, Signora Castelli and the young guards are happy. But it’s not easy to imagine how the presidential buttocks will be gastronomically served.