A man plucked a nightingale and finding but little to eat, said: “you are just a voice and nothing more.”
Plutarch, “Moralia: Saying of Spartans”

Nightingale’ voice here is, it seems, a metaphor of a culture (as a combination of responsible cognition and aesthetics of taste), a culture which we’re losing with catastrophic results or have already lost. What will happen to civilization without love for nightingales, to countries which are interested in appropriating and consuming (including “plucking” the natural resources), and in storing value in the unnaturally abstract form of money? It can become and already becoming a place of mute souls, a place where politicians lie with solemn propagandist fervor, billionaires calculate private profits while hermetically smiling and entertainers blabber and dribble, while regular people whisper or chat with alcohol and drugs and keep company with hate for dissimilar others (liberals, eccentrics with humanistic educations, people with “strange” tastes and beliefs, refugees, etc.) and dream to one day take away their civil and human rights, roofs over their heads, food and the air to breath.

Before, everything we did – good and bad, was a product of our hearts, minds and hands. Gods have rewarded or punished us. But dreaming about power and looking for it we intuitively created (without really understanding – what we are doing) a world of abstract (outside of our souls’ sensitivity) knowledge which step by step has incarnated into a monstrous artificial organism – a technology motivating us to do what it “wants” instead of being obedient to us. It could be different if technology would serve human being as such, not mainly the wealthy and powerful, who armed with money and yearning for domination have appropriated technology for their own private needs. Technology stimulates human gene of domination – the very condemnation of human race – this gene is sucking power from technology and transforms the world by dividing it into strong and weak, superior and inferior, glorious and exploited, those who are in charge and their obedient hangers-on. And technology with dizzying speed has created a robotic meaning of life, artificial beauty, fake cognition and pseudo-justifications for cruelty, indifference as an inevitable benevolent necessity, pleasures connected with the power of seduction by artificiality and hate as a function of indifference.

Technology articulates our desire for domination! Technical science and technology have liberated us from being human without asking for our agreement. We’re transformed into characters of video-games we have been made to enjoy. Technology has trapped humanity by making us depend on it for our survival. Today it’s like this – either we survive through technology by becoming a part of it or we will die as hopeless humans.

But the trick is – if we will survive as a part of technology we are already will be dead as humans. We have to choose between two deaths – as humans or as a part of technology: as robots by behavior. We will still have our blood, our sensations and remnants of emotions. But our behavior will be robotic – based not on moral choice which belongs to an outdated frame of reference – but only on survival and fighting with obstacles for survival (survival will be felt and understood not in human terms as a part of our Being, but as a continuation of functioning according to the criterion of effectiveness/non-effectiveness). Money in the form of work-wage in exchange for functional efficiency won over moral choice.

Our business is to exist, not to live, or to be more or less excited or more or less satisfied than somebody else. Like there are effective or less effective machines we are more or less effective than others. Our ability to survive depends on perfection of our robotic function.

We did it ourselves – helped techno-science and technology (TSAT) to trap us not in a mild “dehumanization” but in a radical robotization (RR). TSAT is the super-effective form of human armor and weapon. Soldier’s body-and-mind is a rudimentary-parasitic extension of his/her armor-weapon. Step by step human armor-and-weapon will become modified into a giant mechanisms of projected destruction including technologies of surveillance, misleading the dissimilar others as enemy and destroying it. It appears that it’s our destiny not only die as humans but die as indestructible robots. We don’t need to worry – tasty foods and sexual pleasures will be also perfected (and made temporary) through farther robotization of life.