How much longer can this continue? Even the newspapers well experienced in redacting and perfuming the political texts have to let the raw hate and shameful beating and labeling the political opponents to jump on the pages like clowns on the circus ring. With TV news the situation is even worse – TV success-makers have always preferred to throw for their audience cheap hotdogs instead of the traditional puritanical stakes – but today the political opera offered to the public is often loud slaps, uppercuts and juicy spits.

Insulting verbal constructions, unrealistic lies (some of them are like child’s metaphors), and tough like teeth threats (as if accompanied by moving in the air Presidential fists) – you almost can hear these fists movements in the air. But the threats itself are arousing in the crowds pulsating hatred and aggressive impulses.

His biggest mouth in the country is permanently wide opened, like wall-speakers in every German household in the pre- and during WWII. Today, the prize-President (prize-ident) is pompously high-tech effective (through technological trick of twitter). His noise with belligerent rotting rhetoric – coils around and constricts the hearts of the simpleminded mass admirers hungry for propagandist tone.

To have loutish manners doesn’t mean not to have manners, as people sadly said in the past. And the president has his own manners, raw like blows, greedy like a palm with sweaty golden coins and simultaneously seductive, cruel and dangerous intentionality.