I believe in American exceptionalism! I believe in American greatness! Barack Obama

The very concept of Great life, Greatness of life, life as a something Great, American or universal Dream as a dream of greatness or even verbal expressions such as great achievement, great future, great potential, great job/work, great income/salary, etc. seem to point at megalomaniacal/self-aggrandizing “bad taste”. Of course, the point here is not about bad taste as such as it is the sad fact that the majority of the people who can have the irresistible need to characterize whatever it may be, with terms which shine like a banner or prize, like a star or the sun, like the great might of a super nuclear bomb, like the golden equivalent of trillions or “our” conquest of other planets and worlds (with their crooked alien inhabitants!).

Of course, nobody can recommend to “arrest” words like “great” and “greatness” and to put them in solitary confinement, but they’re inseparable from the human deep need of using such words – it tells us about the very emotions we experience in our dedication and love by using these kind of words in our everyday life. Yes, somehow people cannot live without their greatness or exceptionalism, be it reality or innocent fabrication, belief of the weak or illusion of the brave. Probably, without such words Homo Sapience is like a slug between grass and sand. For our specie greatness is like a giant wings towards the unlimited. And we want to be the unlimited. We want the wind to be our servant. We want the wind to be at our disposal, like in Pushkin’s story about the “Fisherman, his wife and the golden fish”.

“We“, the brave and hardworking conservatives destroyed the native American Indians (and left devastated bunches of them to live like wild animals). And we transported Africans to our lands as our slaves. And if it wasn’t for those who betrayed us – the plebian democrats (with help of the abominable lefties) – we, the great masters of the Earth, ready to rule over the planet, already could deserved happiness and medals of greatness.

Without greatness there is no power, self-confidence, the ability to command, to demand work get done, the ability to use people productively like Pharaohs did with the obedient bodies of paupers-builders of the ancient Pyramids. Democrats with their sissy ideas of respect and love for regular (bottom) people instead of forcing them to work hard – don’t let us, conservatives become greater and more exceptional in our potential capacities and our ambitions. By creating democratic obstacles for our talents and powers they make us weak and timid – they put sticks into our wheels and bones into our throats. With their endless regulations democrats don’t let us to use our money and abilities productively. They waste our economy and destroy our future! We, Americans with money and property want to be free to be potent and strong as we are in essence. The poor don’t need money – their power is in ability to work for us who know how to make our country really exceptional and great like no one country in the world.

But from where did this desperate need to be exceptional and great come from? Not to be contemplative about and admiring Creation, not to be caring and compassionate towards other people, not to melt in front of nature with its flora and fauna? How were parents able to teach and make their children so militant, aggressive, with desire to fight, compete to be stronger than others (instead of being wise and smart), and dream of getting ahead of others! May be, it’s not even so much parents as the socio-political system that teaches kids suspicion and contempt for the weaker and for dissimilar people, other nations. May be, it is because the financial elite ruling the country and trying hard to stay on top in order to guarantee their absolute domination over everything and everyone on the Planet including planet itself. Socio-political evil is not static or dynamic – it is carefully developing as if nothing – to shock the world with unexpected and triumphant transformation.

Power over people and nature, predatory magic of private wealth and sharp calculating minds determined to manipulate reality are the three kings with a power, as if interwoven with life. Human beings with gentle sensitive hearts identifying with Creation and loving natural life and other human beings are step by step marginalized, put aside and isolated by the devastating and predatory conservative “exceptionalism” and “greatness”. Previous generations of conservative fighters for personal success were motivated by intolerance and cruelty fed by their panicky fear of dissimilar human beings and countries. This panic stimulated them to hide behind their billions and weaponry. But the next generations of conservatives are not frightened as their predecessors – with great pride and confidence they fight for more effective and extreme domination.

According to traditional (archaic) psychoanalysts the reason of the psychological weakness and emotional timidity on part of the children of democratic parents is the absence of the intra-family fight with gentle fathers. Conservative fathers are authoritarian, rude and tough – they are able to break their children (sometimes even with corporeal punishment), who then “resurrect” as nasty and severe fighters for success. But gentle fathers create weak (without being broken) children who later as adults confront their conservative opponents and are simply smashed by the conservatives thugs and louts who with several of their insulting blows and humiliating epithets clipping and pruning reduce even the most insistent liberal opponent into a “humane and gentle” smiling compromising “negotiators”.

The only way here is to joke – to try to do to conservative troublemakers what in their childhood their monstrous fathers did to them (spanking their bottoms). It seems, that this operation with adult conservatives could transform them, though, probably, only temporarily, into behaving delicately with democratic gentlemen…